Charming Walkway Ideas to Make Your Garden More Inviting

Published: 19/01/2023 | Updated: 02/06/2023

Charming Walkway Ideas to Make Your Garden More Inviting - Shrubhub

From brick pavers to concrete walkways, we've compiled some of the top ideas for adding pathway allure to your yard.

ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry. ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry.

Whether it be a pathway to your front door, a walkway that meanders across your back garden, or a destination path that leads to a specific spot, our front walkway ideas are here to enrich your front or back garden.

Because paths give your garden depth and structure and set the tone for your plants and design, you need to be mindful when choosing the materials for them.

Check out some amazing garden walkway ideas to get you motivated and add a lot of curb appeal to your space, read on to learn all about pathway options from decking and gravel to bricks and stepping stones.

Garden paths affect how you perceive a plot by determining the routes use through the garden.

The style of a walkway can significantly affect how you experience your outdoor space. You can follow a meandering gravel path that vanishes into dense greenery or emerge onto a sleek boardwalk that leads to exquisite decking.

The materials you use for walks should be carefully considered because they provide your garden dimension and structure and serve as the groundwork for planting and design.

Charming Walkway Ideas to Make Your Garden More Inviting - Shrubhub

Keep reading for some of our favorite walkway ideas, which range from stepping stones and bricks to alternatives for decking and gravel.

A broad variety of textures, colors, sizes, and alignment patterns are available and ready to enhance the appeal of your outdoor space.

There are, broadly speaking, seven different types of pavers, each with a unique structural substance.

Rubber, plastic, marble, travertine, porcelain, brick, marble, brick, flagstone, and concrete are just a few of the materials used to make paver blocks.

Choose the best paver material based on where the pavers will be installed, their durability, and your budget.

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Opt for clean lines

If you're looking for a more contemporary design for your stepping-stone ideas, take it from us, simple, clean lines are the way to go.

Use a grid of identically shaped stone slabs across the lawn to create a chic and modern look.

To give your walkways a modern polished finish, consider your surroundings. Echo the design of your house to create a coherent and well-balanced look overall.

A minimal walkway will also offer a sophisticated impression without taking up too much room on the tranquil expanse of green lawns because they are positioned along the boundary.

Charming Walkway Ideas to Make Your Garden More Inviting - Shrubhub

Bordering a cottage garden

Traditional cottage gardens are enclosed by picket fences and include medium to tall plants. A gap in the earth between the garden and the pathway can offer space for extra plants.

Even though they are common, short plants like petunias are a suitable choice for long paths. The plants of trailing petunias spread swiftly, and their flowers come in a variety of hues.

Looking for the perfect plant to border your walkway? Browse our favorites here!

Planting a single species along the borders of your walkway will contribute to a cohesive impression of your garden overall, you can also add more variety by adding complementary plants alongside each other.

Top tip: Scented flowers thrive in areas where people are likely to rub up against plants, such as walkways, so place your most fragrant blossoms along a walkway to add to the charm of your garden.

Place it across the water

Water is a fantastic complement to add to any plot. Adding a stepping stone bridge across its glistening surface will add infinitely more charm to any garden.

Reminiscent of the paintings of Monet or Japanese zen gardens, this technique for navigating a small body of water will promote mindfulness and inquiry, giving you a deep sense of connection to and awareness of your surroundings.

You can add a contemporary touch by sticking with recurrent shapes and angular lines.

Consider using irises or the well-known waterlily to add a beautiful floral boost to your mini bridge. Get them here!

Charming Walkway Ideas to Make Your Garden More Inviting - Shrubhub

Great annual plants to add to your walkway

Annuals make a wonderful addition to any garden. They are ideal for tiny walkway gardens though.

Space-filling ground plants like the amber carpet rose are annual plants that can be produced from seeds or plugs. Annual plants are suitable for all levels of gardening expertise due to their affordability and ease of use.

The amber rose comes in shades of yellow, off-white, and delicate pinks that work with almost any palette.

Try a raised boardwalk

You can create jungle-like landscapes by enclosing thickly planted borders with a sequence of elegant, hardwood deck boards. Paths that are positioned at an angle and at various heights can add to the impressiveness of your garden.

Crushed stone walkway

One of the most budget-friendly and rugged materials, a crushed stone walkway is a great option for landscaping newbies who are looking for a low-maintenance option that can weather any climate and require minimal maintenance. A gravel walkway is another great option for pathway newbies.

Charming Walkway Ideas to Make Your Garden More Inviting - Shrubhub

Experiment with fragrance

Introduce low-growing plants, such as sage or wild chamomile, to less often used walkways. Plants can be positioned between stones, slate, or slabs to produce a beautiful, cottage-garden appearance that will fill the air with a delightful perfume as you pass.

Don't overlook lavender, which is a fantastic border plant. Both a welcome splash of color and a calming aroma will be added by it. All the expert advice you'll need on how to cultivate lavender is in our guide.

Add a little cobblestone magic

The combination of recovered cobbles and pavers will then create a patchwork of complexity that will add a lot of charm to your yard.

Think about how you want to arrange your stones, paving with square or irregular patterns will guide the eye as you walk along the path.

Use color to your advantage

To increase sensory input, surround your pathway with a sea of color. Planting vibrant echinacea, tulips, or nasturtiums in huge numbers is really effective. Insects like it too, like bees and butterflies.

Decorative grasses can be added to the mixture to give complexity in addition to color. For branches that are colored like flames and delicate, fluffy crowns, choose miscanthus 'Indian Summer'. Think about incorporating a garden arbor in the mix as well. They're an excellent way to ring a route's beginning and create distinct garden "rooms."

Charming Walkway Ideas to Make Your Garden More Inviting - Shrubhub

Add an archway

A walkway can be substantially enhanced by including archways overhead that are covered in blooms. There are many excellent climbing plants to choose from.

Browse our great collection of climbing plants! 

Once trained up to climb over your archway a group of wisteria, roses, aromatic honeysuckle, and other plants will always look magnificent. This layout will make moving around your plot a real pleasure, why not add a seating area to take in the view at the end?

Stamped concrete walkway

You may think of concrete as one of the blandest materials for a walkway, but today's concrete offers far more than it did in the past. It can now be colored and textured to mimic the appearance of natural stone, or paving stones or be made to look like a flagstone walkway. Do you need evidence? Stamped concrete is one example of how this simple material can be made into so much more.

Brick pavers

Everyone who sees the colorful, bloom-filled exhibit will be delighted. The tiny brick pathways fit the relaxed ambiance nicely.

The clear lines divide the billowing borders in such a way that all sides of the blooms can be viewed in addition to giving the landscape structure.

Additionally, maintenance will be easy. We particularly appreciate the placement of the enormous metal canisters, which serve as focal points and further the area's vintage appearance.

Charming Walkway Ideas to Make Your Garden More Inviting - Shrubhub

Where to begin?

Cobblestones or stamped concrete? Brick pavers or Monetesque bridges? By now you may be thinking, “But which style of walkway would work for my yard?”. We feel you. While it’s great to be spoilt for choice, having so many options out there can lead to a bit of analysis paralysis.

It can be helpful to begin by asking a few questions like what is your budget, which walkway material would best suit your climate? Does it rain for most of the year or can your walkway count on hours of uninterrupted sunlight from season to season?

A garden speckled with charming walkways is beautiful, and you want to invest in ones that will last.

If you’re new to landscaping or just looking for an upgrade, building walkways can be one of the most effective ways of instantly transforming your yard into an outdoor space that invites exploration, and gently guides your guests from your water lilies to your yellow roses, and from your Tulips to your cherry blossoms. 

So where do you begin? Well, you may want to begin by enlisting the advice of an expert who can guide you through the basic materials, as well as the ins and outs of walkway maintenance and care. A seasoned expert can even advise on color and design combinations and how best to combine your passageways with your Patchoulis.

The only thing we love more than a well-designed yard is helping you create your own, footpaths and all. Go to shrubhub.com to begin your garden transformation journey, you can thank us later.

Happy landscaping!



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