Window Planters for Gorgeous Blooms

Published: 23/03/2023 | Updated: 05/06/2023

Window Planters for Gorgeous Blooms - Shrubhub

Summer is in full bloom. You'll see that flowers are popping up all over if you look around. Using planter boxes, you can bring some of the gorgeousness of summer into your yard.

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With genuine or fake summer blooms inside, planter boxes can add some curb appeal to your outdoor landscape. These can be used once more for the Christmas season by being filled with holly, pine branches, and other festive decorations.

Planter boxes for windows can be positioned on window sills and occasionally hung from the deck and fence rails.

Why Get a Window Box?

Window boxes are fantastic for both homes and apartments! When you grow plants in window boxes, they are at eye level, giving you a different viewpoint than if you were to grow them in your yard.

The plants will be visible from the inside as part of your perspective of the outside. Moreover, the container and plants blend into the exterior architecture.

Plants for Window Boxes

Thinking about what to plant? Begonias, petunias, geraniums, zinnias, nasturtiums, and geraniums are all suitable flowers for major themes. Fill in the space with plants that will spill over the box's edge, such as inch plants, ivy, euonymus, heather, or vinca. Impatiens thrive in shady environments. Salvia, heliotrope, and coleus are more subdued options. When window boxes are overflowing with greenery, they look their finest.

Climbing vines can be trained to wrap around the window frame by seasoned gardeners for a coordinated look. Topiary forms can be used as a focus point by connoisseurs. The imagination can be captured by ivy or creeping fig topiaries or other recognizable shapes.

Colorful Ideas for Window Boxes

No matter if they are dangling from railings or lying on sills, lush window boxes never fail to spruce up a home. For a stunning, long-lasting display, just the ideal plants need to be used. Use our suggestions to improve the curb appeal.

Window Planters for Gorgeous Blooms - Shrubhub

Bold & Beautiful

For vibrantly colored foliage, coleus is unrivaled. This combination of intensely saturated foliage hues will offer a fantastic vista and give your house summer-long curb appeal. Any combination of coleus with contrasting light and dark hues will do as long as it is a variety that tolerates full sun, so don't worry if you can't find the precise types in this illustration.

Play Around with Height

Next select plants from a variety of heights to create a magnificent setting that is full of interest. Tall plants can provide a soft screen that is ideal for a little bit of privacy or to improve an uninteresting perspective.

Bee blossom, also known as white gaura, has erect, slender stems that are crowned with gorgeous pink-white blossoms and form a lovely focal point. Another wonderful option for a tall plant is Verbena bonariensis, which is bright purple. Try "Hot Lips" or "Woman in Red" for vibrant, red-toned alternatives to the deep indigo hues of "Caradonna" for salivas that also add height.

For maximum impact, surround with lots of trailing plants. We like this petunia's cascading plum color.

Match Flower Boxes to the Frame

Sometimes all you need to make an effect is a straightforward decision! So why not choose a single plant that matches the color of your window frame and fill several containers with it?

This stylish yet understated presentation is a clever planter covered with daisies. Everyone will grin when they see them, and they will complement the surrounding white and wood perfectly. The picket details are gorgeous and remind us of cottage gardens, which we adore.

Window Planters for Gorgeous Blooms - Shrubhub

Fill Long Planters

Use extra-long planters for broader windows. In this manner, you may maximize the area to get a perspective you'll appreciate.

With a variety of textured and vibrant plants, with that indigo-hued Lobelia taking center stage, this stylish white planter looks amazing when filled up. It blends seamlessly with the remainder of the white window frame.

We adore the creeping, dark vegetation that climbs the wall behind it to add another level of interest. Use Virginia creeper to get the look; it has the added benefit of turning a bright crimson in the fall.

Up The Romance

If you enjoy cottage gardens, you can easily incorporate the design into your windows. Choose a variety of fragrant, colorful flowers for a calm yet lavish atmosphere.

Petunias are a terrific option because they have a wide variety of colors, have a wonderful scent, and draw pollinators. Nevertheless, you can find alternatives by browsing our list of the finest cottage garden plants.

Grow an Edible Garden Window Box Planters

Use your window boxes to good effect if you long for a raised bed but lack the necessary space. On your kitchen windowsill, you can grow herbs and miniature vegetable kinds that are edible.

To save room, try growing tomatoes on the trail. Glass boxes or windowsill glasshouses can also be purchased. Also, we advise trying companion planting. For instance, basil can aid to ward off pests when grown with tomatoes.

Microgreens like "Red Russian" kale or mizuna are excellent options. For convenient access, you may even grow a herb garden just outside your window. Simply look at our list of the best herbs to cultivate in your garden for ideas.

Try a Spring Theme

Create a springtime scene on your windowsill that will delight both adults and kids. You only need a few tiny pots in attractive pastel colors, and you can fill them with a variety of your favorite violas. If the wind comes up, wooden support that is incorporated into the frame will prevent them from falling over.

Dot a few little eggs at the base of each plant for a true Easter vibe; youngsters will love to find them!

Window Planters for Gorgeous Blooms - Shrubhub

Be Bold & Add Colors

Go large and dramatic with color if you want to make a statement. The backdrop of this vivid fuchsia scene is ideal for the sea of lovely petunias.

If you have the room, line up your pots according to the rule of three since it is aesthetically pleasing. The pot farther up has a cute design that we adore; it gives the display a whimsical finishing touch.

Setting Up Window Boxes

To assist create a well-prepared habitat for your plants, there are a few items to place at the bottom of your window box.

  1. If you're replacing an old window box, it's preferable to remove everything first, including the soil. This increases the likelihood that your new plants will thrive.

  2. Add a few handfuls of gravel, pebbles, or terracotta crocks to the bottom of your window box to help with drainage.

  3. To further improve drainage and enable roots to develop freely, choose potting soil as opposed to heavy loam.

  4. To prevent your plants from drying out if your window box is in an extremely sunny location, think about adding water crystals to the soil mixture.

Watering Planters

When watering planters make sure not to overwater or flood your plants. Using a self-watering planter or a self-watering system can help you avoid this very easily.

Drainage for Window Boxes

Window boxes need drainage! Make sure the bottom of your container has lots of openings. By doing this, you'll prevent your plants from rotting from sitting in damp soil after a big rain or irrigation.

If your window box doesn't have holes already cut out for them, you might want to carefully consider making your own with a drill.

If your window boxes are high up, make sure to look around for onlookers before watering. Nobody wants to get unexpectedly soaked!



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