The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas

Published: 05/12/2023 | Updated: 05/12/2023

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

Have you ever thought about converting your high-maintenance mixed border into a wildflower garden? When seed companies advertise their quick wildflower gardens in a can, sack, or roll, it can be difficult to say no.

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Many amateur gardeners have the misguided belief that you can just spread some seeds, ignore the fundamentals of gardening, and end up with a self-sowing meadow of bluebells and lace caps. Truth be told, creating a wildflower garden requires more labor than planting a perennial border and is not always self-sustaining.

Why do these plants need to be coddled and coaxed out of the soil if they are truly wild (weeds to the majority of highway maintenance crews)? Let's get started and dive deep into the world of wildflower gardens, how to grow them, and some ideas for your new project!

What are Wildflower Gardens?

Wildflowers are flower species that have proven to be resilient and self-replicating with little care from the grower. Although they will naturally grow wild, they are not always native plants. A low-cost substitute for high-maintenance gardening is wildflower gardens. Numerous wildflowers enjoy poor soil and neglect, which makes difficult-to-maintain portions of your garden excellent for them.

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

Getting Your Wildflower Garden Started

Even a wild appearance requires some preparation and work. The good news is that starting is the most work you'll do!

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

How to Plant Wildflowers

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub


Can a wildflower garden grow and keep on self-seeding without becoming overly invasive? The perennial won't blossom the first year, and an occasional overseeding will help to keep the balance of plants if you want to enjoy the garden for many years to come. You can do this periodically or whenever you observe an imbalance, perhaps as a result of adverse weather.

To fill in any bare places and deter weed growth when planting a big area to have a meadow-like appearance, you might think about putting some turf grasses in your mixture. Hardy fescues work well in northern climates. Tall fescue or Kentucky 31 is preferable in hotter regions. Ryegrass and bluegrass are poor alternatives because they tend to be very competitive with flowers. The recommended amount of grass seed per acre is 25 pounds.

Wildflowers require very little maintenance once they are established.

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

Tips for Growing Wildflowers

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

Wildflower Plant Suggestions

To Bring in Beneficial Insects

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

To Attract Butterflies

To Attract Hummingbirds

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

Wildflower Garden Ideas

Almost anything can be planted with wildflowers! They are lovely additions to gardens that already exist or to one's yard. These walks are charmingly bordered by these free-flowering flowers, which also make lovely borders for your gardens, steps, and yard. Unsure of how to begin or what to include in a wildflower garden? Check out a few of these enjoyable suggestions.

Create a Beautiful Border

Use your favorite wildflowers in your yard's existing flowerbeds and flowerbed borders. Instead of mixing all the different flower types, try planting groupings of each plant. To add a splash of color in the spring, place the border gardens along fences or walks.

Plant Perennial Wildflowers

Perennials are our favorite since they come back year after year. As a result, maintaining the wildflower garden is simple because nothing needs to be planted from scratch every spring. The majority of perennial wildflowers are very resilient (and many annual wildflowers self-sow each year). Usually, all you have to do is plant them, then relax and take in their beauty.

The following are some of our favorite fantastic perennial wildflowers:

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

Scatter Your Seeds for a Fun Surprise

You're not certain of what wildflower seeds to research? Wildflower seeds are fun because you may sprinkle them and watch what happens. Wildflower seed mixtures are widely available, particularly perennial wildflower seed mixtures and bee/pollinator garden seed mixtures.

Flowers that grow wild are just that—wild! They develop freely and don't adhere to restrictions. Choose a few from the nursery, and then gently spread them across the area you've chosen. then observe the magic unfold!

Attract Wildlife

Plants that will draw lovely songbirds, toads, and other wildlife will enhance the beauty of your wildflower garden. Let wildlife coexist with your lovely flowers by purchasing adorable living toad houses, birdbaths, and other items from your neighborhood nursery.

Hummingbirds, beetles, and butterflies are additional creatures that will enjoy your wildflower gardens regardless of what you add. Buttercups, ox-eye daisies, and forget-me-nots are excellent wildlife attractants.

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens and wildflower gardens have a lot in common. A cottage garden is a place where flowering plants, many of which are wildflowers, coexist peacefully. They simply grow and entangle to create a magnificent flowing garden; they don't fit into any kind of box.

The same is true of wildflower gardens! Pick invasive plants and wildflowers to produce a lovely look. You should include lupins, Siberian irises, and geraniums in your wildflower beds.

The Mow Meadow Look

If your backyard is grassy and fenced in, grow wildflowers along the fence and just mow the grass in the yard's middle. A wonderful barrier will be made between your fence and the grass lawn by the lovely wildflowers. The majority of wildflowers reproduce and spread on their own; this is why they are referred to as wildflowers. Select cultivars that don't readily self-seed if you don't want them to invade your grass.

Replace Lawn Area with Wildflowers

To maintain their appearance, lawns can be heavy maintenance, requiring a lot of water, chemical feeds and mowing—all of which have an impact on the environment. They also eliminate fauna.

You can attract butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, other birds, small mammals, and other pollinators by creating a meadow instead of a lawn with native or naturalized grasses, wildflowers, and plants for pollinators. It will grow with the support of all these sustainable gardening ideas.

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

The Dreamy Effect

Wildflower fields that are gently blown by the wind have a really lovely quality to them. Even better if you can create a route that winds through them and leads to a specific location, like a gate or a different part of the backyard. Just be sure to have the proper balance of grass and flowers (less). To create this look, there are a few simple soil health and permaculture gardening tricks.

You can then improve the appearance in a backyard setting by weaving in bulbs like narcissus, martagon lilies, and camasses. As some care of a meadow in a garden setting creates the longest flowering periods, in the winter you can clear portions to re-seed species to ensure there are enough flowers for the following season.

Use Container Planters

With container gardening ideas put up for a sunny patio, terrace, or deck, you may increase your interest in your wildflower garden and enjoy watching the butterflies and bees hover on a warm day.

Native grasses and wildflowers don't care about the type of soil or being crowded together. Combining poppies and cornflowers with native grass to fill in and support the flowers' delicate stems is a smart place to start when selecting wildflowers for a summer container.

For optimal results, choose a variety of wildflowers that are of varying heights. Pick red clover, blue harebells, purple wild thyme, and yellow Birdsfoot trefoil if you want low-growing wildflowers. Choose purple wild marjoram, spiked speedwell, blue field scabious, and scarlet campion if you wish to enhance height.

The Top Wildflower Garden Ideas - Shrubhub

Create a Wildflower Strip

Add a winding path through wildflower gardens because they are supposed to be appreciated. You can savor your morning coffee while exploring the garden and taking in the fresh air. If necessary, use concrete or big stones. Sometimes all a wildflower garden needs is a straightforward, rocky path!

If your yard is mostly covered with a wildflower garden, cut a path through the grass so that you and any visitors can walk along it. Allowing your children to create pavers will let you enjoy your landscape for many years to come.

Gardens full of wildflowers are a wonderful sight to behold. They are all unique and have independent thoughts. Watch them grow wild in your yard or use them to make borders and entertaining pathways across your environment. Have fun with them in whatever way you can! If you ever want to get started and map out your garden check out shrubhub.com for a full 3D plan and a free phone consultation for 70% off!



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