How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Published: 22/02/2024 | Updated: 22/02/2024

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Yard Landscaping Ideas - Shrubhub

We can’t all be lucky enough to be blessed with large yard space, many of us have to make do with smaller spaces to landscape. For those of us with a smaller yard, finding ways to design it without overcrowding it or making it too loud can be quite a hassle if we don’t know where to begin. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't enough great small-yard design ideas out there.

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Small Backyard Ideas to Start With

Our experts at ShrubHub know that small yard landscaping can be quite tricky, so we decided to make it a little easier for you. This guide will provide you with the best tips and tricks to help you design a beautiful mini yard with all the elements you want without the fear of overcrowding.

There are many ways for you to design and decorate even the smallest outdoor spaces. The ideas we have for you on this list are stunning, diverse, and beautiful without cramming your small backyard with unnecessary elements that may get in the way of it being a fully functioning outdoor living space.

Get inspired with small backyard ideas with this list:

Build A Small Scale Patio 

Patios are essential to incorporate in any yard as not only do they offer you more space to relax and rewind in the middle of nature, but they also significantly increase the value of your home and curb appeal. This is why finding a way to build patios in your small backyard is crucial.

It might seem like an impossible task, to transform such a small space into a usable seating and living outdoor area. But there are many ways to simplify designing an out-of-the-box small-scale patio that doesn’t have to compete with the limited space for greenery in your yard.

In fact, with the right design, you can incorporate both green garden space and a small patio in even the tiniest yards. 

One way of doing so is by incorporating a boho design element into your patio by picking out unique individual patio outdoor furniture pieces and incorporating them together in a quirky and eye-catching manner.

To elevate your boho patio add beautiful flowing privacy curtains or a small pergola draped with beautiful blooming vines to add shade and a pop of natural color to your patio design.

You can also add a privacy fence to separate between green areas or a flower garden and patio space.

You can decorate with brightly colored cushions and pillows and even a colorful outdoor rug as a unique focal point to make it more into an outdoor room.

Hanging string lights will also add attractive lighting options for you to enjoy your small boho patio at night. This aesthetic works perfectly with a concrete patio.

You can also opt for a Mediterranean patio furniture design by adding built-in seating options. A built-in concrete or granite sofa adds an element of sophistication as well as a comfortable seating option that doesn’t take up too much of your small outdoor space.

You could compliment your built-in sofa with a small coffee table and a few alternative seating options such as large to medium-sized poofs.

Remember, Mediterranean color palettes are always neutral and reminiscent of natural elements so stick to light grey, white, and beige shades when decorating with cushions, pillows, and outdoor rugs. 

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Yard Landscaping Ideas - Shrubhub

Fire Pit

Another way to add interest to your small yard landscaping design is by adding a small fire pit with a surrounding area. Fire pits can be small but effective and add an element of fun to your yard as they can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Fire pits can be placed next to a built-in outdoor couch or you could even add a few lounge chairs or a bench to create a seating space for you to enjoy around the warm fire without taking up too much space from your outdoor living room.

Instead of a traditional paved patio, you can also add a deck to your yard. Adding a deck to your small yard will give your home an even higher resale value than a regular patio, however, maintenance costs may be slightly higher.

Flooring a deck is traditionally done using wood, however as wood is susceptible to water damage you can use wood alternatives.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Yard Landscaping Ideas - Shrubhub

Opt For Vertical Gardening 

Tiny backyards can be challenging to decorate with greener elements especially if you want a functional patio or decking space, but still want lush greenery and flowers.

No need to worry though, with a vertical garden you can get both the hardscaping and the softscaping elements you need in your small backyard!

Vertical gardens are vertically suspended gardens that can be as small as a picture frame or as large as an entire wall. They can be long verticle or horizontal panels depending on the design you have in mind.

Vertical gardens are also called plant walls, green walls, and even moss walls and they are a unique alternative to boring, traditional potted plants as they act as very eye-catching focal points.

The best plants to use for a plant wall are succulents as they are low maintenance, don't require watering often, and add beautiful pops of color to your small backyard space.

You can also grow hanging vines or flowers from a plant wall as they drape down and give a beautiful cascading jungle-like effect.

You can also DIY a verticle garden in your backyard using wooden pallets, you can upcycle pallets that you find behind your local stores or you can buy them.

You can paint your pallets in bright colors or patterns to add quirkiness to your yard and make a family bonding activity out of it or you can leave them as is for a rustic wooden effect.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space With Water Features 

Having a water feature is a great idea in any backyard landscaping, but specially when you have small floor space as they don't take up much space but add charm aesthetic-wise

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Yard Landscaping Ideas - Shrubhub

A Hot Tub

Another way to elevate your small backyard and turn it into a fun space for the whole family to enjoy is by adding a hot tub.

Hot tubs come in many shapes and sizes, some of them are much smaller in size and don't take up as much space as a built-in swimming pool especially if they are above ground.

The smaller ones can seat between 2-3 people and can make a very special addition to your yard.

Your hot tub can be placed on the corner of your patio near the seating area for easy access and to make a more open communal space for everyone to interact, you can also make use of your side yard by creating a green oasis with a beautiful hot tub as the focal point and a lounging area.

Koi Pond

There are also other water features you could add to your small yard to elevate its decor. You could build a small koi pond full of exotic and colorful fish.

Small Fountain or Bird Bath

You can also add a small fountain or bird bath to your tiny backyard as attractive outdoor decor features.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Yard Landscaping Ideas - Shrubhub

Small Scale Outdoor Kitchen Bar 

Do you love to grill? Do most of your backyard gatherings involve grilling up some juicy hotdogs and burgers? Even with small backyards, you can still find space to build a small outdoor bar or kitchen. All you need is a countertop, a few built-in bar granite or concrete stools, a mini fridge, and a grill and there you have your very own outdoor makeshift bar and kitchen space.

You can also grow a hanging small herb garden from your small backyard kitchen for a touch of greenery as well as a convenient way to spice up your delicious outdoor cooking!

Your grill area will be a lot more special if it has a dining area to complement it. You can also combine your outdoor kitchen with your outdoor fireplace.

A Small Dining Area 

For an even better effect add a small dining area next to your small backyard kitchen for a place where you and your loved ones can enjoy a tasty meal outdoors together and even host events.

It doesn't need to be extravagant, all you need is a round table, maybe a bistro table, 4-5 chairs, and a patio umbrella for shading.

Instead of a traditional outdoor area for dining, you can also opt for a picnic table to take as little ground space as possible. These are perfect for small backyards as they take up less space and make your yard feel like your favorite childhood park. The kids will love it too.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Yard Landscaping Ideas - Shrubhub

Vegetable Garden For Your Tiny Backyard

Vegetable gardens are always a fan favorite and your small backyard would not be complete without one. Creating a raised bed or two will add various levels to your yard giving it the appearance of a larger space. Your small garden can consist of raised beds which you can place alongside a grass area, and you can also grow short trees and flowers next to them.

You can also separate your grass lawn and trees from your vegetable garden by using a fence if you don't want them to integrate.

Many types of trees and flowers are perfect for your small yard, all you need to do is visit ShrubHub to find out more on what to plant in your yard.

By choosing the right plants to incorporate in your vegetable garden you will be able to grow your organic vegetables. You can also plant flower beds with striking multicolored automatic flowers!

Want To Find Out More About Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas?

There are many ways to make the most out of your small backyard and our experts at ShrubHub are here to help you transform your smaller outdoor space! All you need to do is visit ShrubHub and sign up for our unmatched service and you can design the small yard of your dreams for just under $300! 



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