How to Create a Dreamy Floral Escape With Aster Flowers

Published: 03/06/2024 | Updated: 03/06/2024

How to Create a Dreamy Floral Escape With Aster Flowers - Shrubhub

Sitting indoors by the window, you take a glance at your yard and notice that fall is leaving its mark. Leaves are falling off the trees. Gold, orange, and yellow are taking over the space. Flowers are fading away, and most plants are giving in to dormancy. It’s official: your garden is about to look lifeless again.

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Now, you wonder: “If only there’s a plant that could add a pop of color for a little longer!”. Lucky for you, the humble Aster can do this and much more. Exploding in a profusion of enchanting blooms, Asters bring a wide variety of colors to your landscape design. From purple and blue to pink and white, Aster flowers offer a visual feast and a full-of-life garden that remains vibrant even in cooler months.

In this article, we offer you an overview of Asters to help you learn more about their history and significance. Also, we’ve rounded up the best Aster varieties to grow if you want to bring a colorful welcome to your abode.

Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Aster Flowers

Asters’ unique name reflects their rich history. Originating from the Greek word “Astron”, which means “star”, the plant’s name says so much about it. Reminiscent of the shiny rays of the stars, Asters boast dainty flowers with fine petals enveloping the center. Besides its star-like form, it also resembles the stars in meaning. Asters, with their luminous, vibrant hues, guide your way back home (literally).

Asters have always been an integrated part of many cultures, each of which looked at these stunning plants from a different perspective. If we travel back to ancient Greece, we’ll find that the Aster blooms stand for love and appreciation. However, during the Victorian era, people brought the enchanting Aster flowers to Victorian gardens as a symbol of elegance and patience. On the other hand, today’s modern landscape designs frequently include Asters as a testament to nature’s resilience.

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The Best Varieties to Grow in Your Garden

How to Create a Dreamy Floral Escape With Aster Flowers - Shrubhub 

Peachies Pick Stokes Aster

What earns Peachies Pick Stokes Aster a spot in your landscape design is its head-turning blooms. As you look at this Aster, you’ll notice that it holds not just a bloom but a piece of art that gives a unique character to your garden. Resembling a paintbrush, Peachies Pick Stokes Aster features elongated, fringed petals that spur from the center in an unruly nature. This wild yet super elegant look adds a whimsical touch to the space and creates an immersive experience in your garden.

As an added perk, Peachies Pick Stokes Aster illuminates your yard with an electric lavender-blue color. Whenever you step into your garden, you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported to the beach, where the tranquil shades of blue calm your mind.

Unlike its free-spirited petals, this Aster variety boasts a tidy growth habit and reaches a mature size of 12 - 18 inches tall and 15 - 18 inches wide. Such a compact size makes it a great addition to limited spaces. So, if you have a small garden that needs a splash of color to look alive or even a balcony that will look a lot better with some vibrancy, go for Peachies Pick Stokes Aster.

Not sure how to add the exceptional flowers and chilled-out vibes of the Peachies Pick Stokes Aster to your landscape design? Grow it as a plant border and envelop your entire yard with a sense of serenity. Add it to a container to brighten up your balcony or patio. Or elevate your cottage garden to the next level of beauty.

How to Create a Dreamy Floral Escape With Aster Flowers - Shrubhub

Purple Dome New England Aster

A real show-stopper, Purple Dome New England Aster shows off delicate clusters of daisy-like flowers that promise nature’s grace and charm. The slender, ray-like petals add to the fabulous presence of the plant and offer a unique blend of elegance and sophistication.

Moving to the irresistible color, this variety features deep purple flowers that evoke feelings of luxury and power. The graceful purple hues of this royal look meet with the cheerful splashes of yellow in the center to strike the perfect visual balance, turning your yard into a photo-worthy scenery.

Hardy in USDA growing zones 4 to 8, this stunning variety gives you its best performance when planted in full sun to partial shade in well-drained soil. Plus, Purple Dome New England Aster reaches a mature size of 1-2 feet in height and 2-3 feet in spread, making it an ideal choice for small gardens.

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How to Create a Dreamy Floral Escape With Aster Flowers - Shrubhub

Sapphire Aster

Few plants are more beautiful than Sapphire Aster in its full bloom. From late summer to late fall, this Aster variety dazzles you with heavy clusters of large, fluffy flowers that pack a big punch in your outdoor space.

Like a lavender meadow at sunset, Sapphire Aster features soft lilac-blue petals with a splash of yellow in the center, gifting your yard with timeless elegance. To add even more beauty, lush deep green foliage makes these stunning flowers pop.

Native to North America, Sapphire Aster thrives in USDA growing zones 4 to 8. To grace your garden with this plant’s stunning blooms, make sure to plant this disease-resistant variety in full sun in medium moisture, well-drained soil.

If you want to add vertical interest to your landscape design, grow Sapphire Aster as a border plant. You’ll be amazed at how it brings structure, motion, and texture to the scene. However, if you want to create a striking contrast of colors, consider planting this variety with Fireworks Goldenrods. The sense of compassion of the lilac hues goes well with the joyful, energetic vibes of the yellow blooms.

How to Create a Dreamy Floral Escape With Aster Flowers - Shrubhub

Woods Pink Aster

Woods Pink Aster is a brilliant way to extend the blooming season a while longer. As other flowers wither away, this Aster variety puts on a jaw-dropping display with a profusion of its captivating blooms.

The flower-less autumn garden is now radiating with a soft pink color that brings grace, femininity, and delicacy to the scene. These semi-double pastel pink blossoms are the basis for a dreamy escape that came straight out of a fairy tale.

Thanks to its rounded structure and mounded growth habit, Woods Pink Aster does wonders for your border. If you want to adorn your pathways with a graceful, welcoming look, line them with this striking variety. However, if you want to heavily emphasize the pink color scheme as a mood booster, plant Woods Pink Aster en masse.

Also, if you are concerned that other Asters might overwhelm the design of your limited space, this variety reaches a mature size of 12 inches in height and 24 inches in spread. This makes it ideal for small spaces or urban gardens.


A Garden That Never Goes Out of Style With ShrubHub

Growing Asters in your garden offers more than what meets the eye. Besides a cascade of striking blooms that grace the flower-less fall season with a profusion of colorful blooms, Aster brings natural benefits to the scene and helps protect native wildlife. Featuring shades that range from purple and pink to blue and lilac, Aster flowers cast aside the mundane autumn tones and bring a pop of personality and splashes of color to the scene.

What makes Asters exceptional plants is that they effortlessly blend into various landscape designs as if they already belong to every style. Whether a part of a formal garden or a wild one, ShrubHub designers professionally incorporate Asters into your current landscape design, creating a well-balanced space that not only looks stunning but thrives over time.

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