Blooming Beauties: Top 10 Flowering Trees to Light Up Your Landscape

Published: 27/03/2024 | Updated: 18/05/2024

Blooming Beauties: Top 10 Flowering Trees to Light Up Your Landscape - Shrubhub

Flowering trees add a special kind of beauty and interest to any landscape. When they burst into bloom in spring or summer, flowering trees become stunning focal points that light up your yard or garden. Beyond their visual appeal, flowering trees provide multiple benefits for landscape design. In this article, we will spotlight 10 of the very best flowering trees that Shrubhub recommends to enliven your outdoor space with vibrant, on-trend garden design.

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1. Magnolia Spring Flowering Trees

Magnolia trees are one of the most beloved flowering trees. Known for their large, fragrant blooms that appear in spring before their leaves, they make a stunning focal point in any landscape. There are over 200 species of magnolia, ranging in size from small shrubs to towering tree varieties. Some popular magnolia tree varieties include:

They make a beautiful addition to gardens in USDA zones 5-9. Their flowers are beloved by bees, butterflies, and birds. If you're looking to add color and drama with a flowering tree, magnolias are a timeless choice.

Blooming Beauties: Top 10 Flowering Trees to Light Up Your Landscape - Shrubhub

2. Cherry Trees

Cherry blossom trees are easily recognizable by their stunning floral displays of small, usually light pink flowers that cover the branches in early spring. Here are some key facts about these beautiful flowering trees:

In summary, cherry tree blossoms are beautiful and culturally significant spring-blooming trees. Their fleeting floral displays are a highlight in gardens and parks across the world.

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Blooming Beauties: Top 10 Flowering Trees to Light Up Your Landscape - Shrubhub

3. Crabapple

Crabapple trees are some of the most popular flowering trees, prized for their profusions of pretty spring blossoms. There are over 100 cultivated varieties of flowering crabapple or trees, ranging widely in size, flower color, and other traits. Some popular types include:

Crabapple trees bring cheer and springtime delight to any landscape with their waves of colorful and fragrant blossoms. They are versatile trees that thrive in many climates and soil types. The spring flowers provide nectar for pollinators too. Crabapples plant flowering trees are iconic flowering trees for good reason.

Blooming Beauties: Top 10 Flowering Trees to Light Up Your Landscape - Shrubhub

4. Redbud

The redbud tree is a spring standout, known for its vivid purple-pink blooms that cover the bare branches in early spring before the leaves emerge. Though at mature size, most redbuds reach heights of 20-30 feet tall and wide, some compact cultivars top out at 8-12 feet, making them ideal small landscape trees.

Uses in Landscaping

Graceful and delicate in appearance, redbuds make excellent specimens of small shade trees. Their dense branching structure provides dappled shade underneath. they look beautiful grouped or planted in mixed borders and cottage gardens. They can also be espaliered against walls. Prune immediately after flowering to shape and train young trees.

Compact cultivars like 'Ruby Falls' work well in containers or small city gardens. The cascading purple blooms create a focal point on patios and entryways. Plant redbuds near sitting areas or footpaths so the spring flowers can be admired up close. Combine with bulbs like daffodils that bloom at the same time.

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Blooming Beauties: Top 10 Flowering Trees to Light Up Your Landscape - Shrubhub

5. Dogwood

The dogwood is beloved for its showy spring blooms and year-round interest. There are over 35 species of dogwood trees and shrubs, most of which are native to North America. Some popular options include:

Blooming Beauties: Top 10 Flowering Trees to Light Up Your Landscape - Shrubhub

6. Lilac

One of the most beloved flowering trees, lilacs is known for its incredibly fragrant blooms in the spring. There are over 2,000 cultivars of lilacs to choose from, in colors ranging from classic lavender to white, deep purple, and more. Some popular varieties include:

Uses in Landscaping

Lilac flowering trees bring a touch of elegance and beauty to any landscape, making them a popular choice of ornamental trees for garden enthusiasts. Here are a few uses of lilac flowering trees that Shrubhub recommends in landscape design:

Lilacs are incredibly versatile when it comes to design. Their lush foliage and colorful blooms can be integrated into a variety of landscaping styles, from classic to modern. Whether you're aiming for a vibrant burst of color or a subtle backdrop for other floral arrangements, lilacs can be tailored to suit your unique preferences and complement the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

At ShrubHub, we are passionate about helping you design your dream yard. We offer a wide selection of lilac varieties, allowing you to choose the perfect shrubs for your landscaping project. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized guidance and assistance, ensuring that your lilacs thrive and flourish in your yard.

7. Jacaranda

The jacaranda tree provides stunning pops of color with its showy purple blooms. Native to tropical and subtropical regions, the jacaranda brings an exotic, tropical look to any landscape. The vibrant purple flowers appear in spring and early summer, literally blanketing the green foliage in an eye-catching color. The contrast between the bright purple blooms and green leaves is striking. The trumpet-shaped flowers add vibrant texture against the fern-like leaves. Once established, mature jacaranda trees put on an amazing floral display year after year. The purple blooms seem to glow against the bright blue sky, with fallen petals carpeting the ground beneath in purple confetti. The jacaranda's tropical appeal makes it a standout choice for warm climates. Plant a jacaranda tree to bring the look and feel of the tropics to your backyard.

8. Crepe Myrtle

Crepe myrtles are a standout choice for beautiful, low-maintenance flowering trees. Their cascading blooms last nearly the entire summer, providing a spectacular show of color. Crepe myrtles come in tree and shrub sizes ranging from small flowering trees to dwarf varieties under 3 feet to towering trees over 30 feet tall. With so many sizes, there is likely a crepe myrtle perfect for your landscape design.

The flowers emerge in summer with frilly, crepe-paper-like petals that come in shades of pink, red, purple, and white. Some varieties of crape myrtles like Natchez White and Muskogee Lavender also have amazing peeling bark for winter interest. Crepe myrtles thrive in hot climates and are drought-tolerant once established. Pruning and deadheading will encourage more blooms. For the best floral display, choose a full-sun location. Crepe myrtles are sure to light up your landscape with their long summer blooming period.

Blooming Beauties: Top 10 Flowering Trees to Light Up Your Landscape - Shrubhub

9. Wisteria

Wisteria is a stunning deciduous flowering vine known for its gorgeous, fragrant blooms that hang in foot-long clusters. Native to China, Korea, and Japan, wisteria was brought to the United States for ornamental use in the 1800s. While it can be challenging to grow and train initially, a well-cared-for wisteria vine will reward you with abundant cascades of purple, blue, white, or pink flowers in spring and early summer.

It may take 3-5 years for a young wisteria plant to start flowering, but the wait is worth it for the romantic, fragrant waterfalls of blooms that emerge! The lush green foliage also adds lovely texture and color to any landscape. It makes a stunning statement piece for gardens, patios, and front porches. Just be sure to give it proper structural support so the fast-growing vines don't overwhelm nearby plants or buildings. The cascading purple blooms will perfume the air and provide a beautiful focal point in your spring landscape.

Blooming Beauties: Top 10 Flowering Trees to Light Up Your Landscape - Shrubhub

10. Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree, also known as Vitex agnus-castus, is a plant commonly used in herbal medicine for a variety of conditions. It is believed to help regulate hormone levels, particularly in women, and has been used to treat symptoms of PMS, menopause, and infertility. Chaste Tree is also said to have anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties. It can be taken as a supplement or brewed as a tea.

Creating a Colorful Haven: Enhancing Your Landscape with Flowering Trees

These top 10 flowering trees are sure to illuminate your landscape and bring a burst of color and beauty to your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for a show-stopping centerpiece, a fragrant addition, or a tree that attracts pollinators, there is a blooming beauty on this list for you. From the delicate blossoms of the Cherry Blossom tree to the vibrant flowers of the Magnolia, each tree offers its unique charm and allure. Ready to transform your yard into a beautiful oasis? Look no further than ShrubHub, the #1 rated yard design service. With ShrubHub, you'll come home to your dream space every day Visit ShrubHub now to learn more and book their landscaping services.

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