Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden

Published: 26/12/2022 | Updated: 07/05/2023

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

Remove the idea from your mind that ponds are reserved only for the grandest of gardens and backyards. For every garden, there are stunning suitable pond ideas, no matter how small.

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That includes yours! You wouldn't have to settle either. There are as many small pond ideas and choices as there are big ones. Even the smallest of ponds can be attractive and supportive of diverse wildlife.

Differing in functions, aesthetical qualities, price range, and style, you'll surely find the perfect pond idea for your garden on this list.

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

An Above Ground Pond

An above-ground, raised pond is optimal for most gardens, not just small ones. For many reasons.

Most of all, because there would be no underground digging, you'd have fewer limits in deciding the place for this type of pond than with others. Avoiding underground digging has other benefits as well: it's way cheaper and way faster.

It won't take as much of a hassle. And needs less labor. Raised ponds are also easier to clean and maintain. And if you need more reasons, consider how much safer this type of pond is in comparison with in-ground ponds!

There is little chance a doggie or a toddler would accidentally fall and drown in a raised pond.

But for small gardens, raised ponds are especially perfect. You can easily choose a far corner where it won't feel like it took the entire space of your backyard. It's especially an enhanced look if you have garden-raised beds.

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

They come in many designs. They can be wildlife ponds or not, depending on your preference. Here are a few to consider:

Frameless Glass Design

Frameless glass for a raised pond is a great way to create a spacious look and make it appear larger than it is. It works well with shallow raised ponds, so you wouldn't have to worry about it being too big for your yard.

The frameless glass gives an overflowing and continuous movement of water look. Especially if there is fish in the pond.

Glass Window

If you don't want to have the entire small pond made of frameless glass, you can just have one glass gate to act as a window into the pond. The look is very interesting and would make the entire yard visually appealing.

The contrast of glass surrounded by constructed brick walls is a stunning look for a small backyard pond.

Semi-Circle Pond

Simi circle ponds, especially with a glass wall, are perfect for small backyards. They are naturally smaller than full circle ponds but give the allusion of spaciousness, aside from creating a very interesting look.

This is especially great if you consider having the structure of the pond tall and thin. It'll take up less space and attract more attention to your outdoor space. And it can still house colorful, small fish and aquatic plants.

You can use tall grasses for example to conceal the base and attract attention to the tall pond, especially if it's taller than other structures in your garden.

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

Corner Garden Ponds

Corner backyard ponds are another perfect design for small gardens. Tucked into a corner, they naturally take little space. The pond border will be any natural element in your garden.

And for added visual interest, you can focus on its surrounding landscape. Adding plants, rocks, and maybe even steps or a seating arrangement.

This way it can still attract attention without taking up too much space in the center of your garden.

Ponds Into Walls

You can use the already existing walls in your backyard to the wall a pond. It would be a great garden pond without taking up too much space in a small garden.

Small Ponds with Pathways

Using pathways leading up to a little pond is a great way to centralize your pond without overwhelming your tiny courtyard.

The pathway will naturally lead visitors toward your pond, and is interesting in its own right!

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

A Built-In Patio Pond

Your backyard pond doesn't have to be in the middle of your garden at all. It can be built on the patio. Or it can be halfway between your patio and garden.

Not only will it take little space from your garden, but it'll make your deck generally way more interesting! Maybe the only thing your patio needs is a beautiful pond.

Small Rectangle Pond

Ponds are traditionally circular but while circular ponds are beautiful, you're not limited by that design.

Especially with a small pond, a rectangular shape gives it more appeal and gives the pond a modernistic look. You can also combine another water feature with it, to add cascading water.

Hexagon Pond

Like rectangular ponds, a hexagon shape is interesting and new. You can combine it with a seating feature, or even build it into the patio to make it even more interesting.

Oval Shaped Pond

Especially for a fish pond, which usually shouldn't have corners, an oval-shaped pond is both innovative and accommodating.

There are tons of oval-shaped, small pond ideas. You can place them anywhere in your garden and they will take up small spaces. You can add stepping stones or surround them with plants.

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

Kidney Shaped Pond

Like oval-shaped ones, a kidney-shaped pond isn't complex enough of a shape for a small garden pond to create dead spots and trap waste but is still an interesting twist from a rounded pond.

The pond liner will easily fold to create that shape, and on the surface, you can add water lilies or other natural features to make it even more appealing.

Rock Wall Pond

Using big rocks to build the walls of a pond makes it look larger without actually taking up more space. The rocks make a very interesting, natural look.

And it can have a double function by also being a seating area in your garden, where you or your visitors can sit atop the rocks at the edge and gaze at the fresh water.

You can also be creative with it and use different colored and shaped rocks to construct it.

Gravel Lined Pond

Other than rocks, gravel is also a great, natural way to build a pond. Gravel enhances the ecosystem if you want your pond to accommodate wildlife.

Like rocks, it provides useful bacteria that break down waste and plant matter. Which means it's low maintenance. And that's aside from the interesting look gravel gives to many ponds.

Gravel also protects the pond liner, giving it more longevity. And it can create a natural waterfall, that you can enhance with lighting and aquatic plants. The entire pond would look way more natural.

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

Small Bridge with a Small Pond

Garden bridges aren't just for big backyards. For every small garden, there is a small enough bridge!

Having a bridge over a small pond gives a stunning, fairytale-ish look without cluttering your backyard too much. You can have fish and plants in your small pond, and with the bridge, you'll get the perfect little water garden look.

Small Pond Surrounded by Stacked rocks

Without using rocks in the construction itself, you can still surround any other peculiarly shaped pond with soft pebbles with smooth edges and stacked rocks.

You can also have moss-covered rocks around the small pond for a little bit of a Japanese garden look. You can also place the rocks with tall grasses to achieve a natural and interesting look.

Koi Small Pond

Koi fish are some of the most stunning fish out there. And having them is a great way to add color and life to your backyard pond.

Koi ponds can't be with rocks, gravel, or aquatic plants as they could harm the fish. They are made with straight lines and no steps to protect them from other wildlife predators.

Water is pumped out through drainage holes with an external water pump.

Otherwise, the fish is low maintenance and beautiful to keep. Making this one of the best garden pond ideas!

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

Floating Pond

A floating pond is one of the best small garden pond ideas because it barely takes up any space at all.

The pond would be attached to one wall and can house wildlife or plants just as any other pond. The look is also new and interesting and is bound to attract attention in your outdoors.

Small Natural Ponds

Sometimes the best idea is the most traditional! A small backyard doesn't prevent you from having a natural small pond that can be a habitat for wildlife.

Especially small, it'll cost you less, while still performing its functions as a natural pond. All you'd need is sand, gravel, pond liner, and emergent plants. Even potted plants are welcome. The plants and accommodations will attract wildlife.

And it can be as shallow as you want, this way it'll even be better for the birds!

Corten Steel Water Bowl

Corton steel has been getting more and more popular lately. It's a beautiful water feature that can act as a mini garden pond.

Corten steel is special for its aesthetic appeal and color, but also its strength, and durability.

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

Classic Regency-style Pond with Fountain

The increase in popularity of period dramas has encouraged homeowners to bring old eras into their outdoors. And one of the best ways to do that is through a backyard pond and a water feature.

You can easily do that in a small garden with a small, circular, and beautiful pond. It can be very small so don't worry about it taking up a lot of space in your yard.

A regency-styled stone fountain will add the perfect touch to a small backyard pond. The pond water will come from the fountain. The sound of water and period look will give your garden a timeless and serene atmosphere.

Container Ponds

Making a container into a pond is a perfect way to attract birds and provide water for squirrels and chipmunks while also getting the cute pond look you want. All without taking up much space.

Container ponds barely need any pumps or water filters due to their size. And they can contain plants. Those qualities make it a very popular little pond.

Plant Pots Ponds

You don't even need special aquatic baskets. You can use plant pots to make beautiful, little backyard ponds.

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

Barrel Pond

Without investing in aquatic baskets, you can get creative with making a little pond. One of the best ways to do so is to use a barrel.

Barrels have a particular vibe and add character to your yard. And you can easily prepare them and style them to be functional ponds. Making them one of the easiest and loveliest garden pond ideas.

Old Sinks Ponds

Likewise, you can also use old sinks. If you're updating your bathroom or kitchen, or simply have old sinks around in your garage, you can make an innovative and cool water feature with them.

With floating water plants, you can use a sink to make a water garden that attracts birds and wildlife, while also giving your yard a rustic look.

Old Bathtubs Ponds

It would be even better if you have an old bathtub. You can transform it into a big enough pond to house pond fish. And all without using a pond liner.

You can leave it above the ground or sink it into the ground. Even if you don't want to use it for fish, it can still be a beautiful pond with plants.

This way it's one of the easiest and most creative garden pond ideas!

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub

Pondless Waterfalls

If what you like about a pond is the feel and sound of water, then you can easily have a waterfall without a garden pond.

Pondless waterfalls are re-circulating waterfalls that work by pumping water contained in a large, in-ground reservoir, without the need for a backyard pond.

It's small enough to tuck anywhere in your outdoor space. It can be near the front entrance or the back door leading to your backyard.

DIY Mini Pond

The best part about the mini ponds we mentioned is that they cost little money and don't need a professional to install them. You can easily make a mini garden pond on your own.

How to make a Tiny Pond?

Once you have your container, whatever it is, you can sink it on the ground or leave it up. Then you can add a layer of gravel and rocks.

Then you would be stones to create depth and a slope for the little wildlife animals to climb in and out. Then fill it with water and start planting the water garden plants you want.


Whether your small pond has depth or shallow, there are perfect plants for you to use either way. Your garden pond will be healthier and more beautiful with those plants.

For shallow ponds, you can have Marsh Marigold, Miniature waterlilies, Starwort, and Flowering Rush.

For deep ponds, Water Violet, Water crowfoot, and Pillwart are perfect. And the best flowing plants for your backyard pond are white waterlilies and water solider.

Best Small Pond Ideas for Your Garden - Shrubhub


If what you want is a fish garden pond, then there are a lot of beautiful fish to fill the small ponds with.

Other than koi, goldfish, Golden Tench, Sturgeon, Minnows, and Guppies are beautiful and colorful.


With a beautiful pond, you'd want to have it visible and attractive day and night. There are a lot of stunning ways to light up water gardens and water features during the night.

If you're going for a waterfall, then consider a led waterfall light. It's one of the most striking ways to light up the water features.

For the pond, you can place chic lanterns among the rocks and stones. It'll add character to the look. Colored lights will be beautiful with the reflection on the water and plants.

And then, there's underwater lighting for it to sparkle from within. Led underwater lights exist in neon white and multiple other lights. You can choose depending on your preferences!

To get a detailed 3D view of what your backyard can look like with water gardens, don't hesitate to contact shrubhub.com



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