A Guide to Korean Landscaping

Published: 18/01/2023 | Updated: 30/05/2023

A Guide to Korean Landscaping - Shrubhub

Consider expressing your inspiration for Korean art, culture, and cuisine in the garden. Many features are used in traditional Korean garden design, from embracing nature to incorporating people into the environment. Make use of these Korean garden ideas to infuse your yard with a rich cultural legacy.

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What is a Korean Garden?

A garden that was planned to use traditional Korean landscaping techniques is known as a Korean garden. Since maintaining a natural state is the primary goal of these sorts of gardens, artificial man-made components are kept to a minimum and only added to emphasize or balance the natural elements. Natural arrangements of plants, rocks, buildings, and water are used in a Korean garden.

Korean gardens can generally be divided into several groups. These are chosen based on the location of the garden, such as whether it will be situated near a private residence, a palace, a temple, an academic institution, a pavilion, a cemetery, or a community. Despite having comparable gardening components, each garden will have a distinct design.

A Guide to Korean Landscaping - Shrubhub

Principles of Korean Landscaping

The history of Korean gardening dates back thousands of years. Traditional Korean landscaping emphasizes a blending of human enjoyment and natural adaptation. The main objective is to create a place where people may relax and take in the tranquility of nature.

A traditional Korean garden is made up of several components that are tastefully combined, such as trees and shrubs, flowers, water features, rocks, bridges, walls, pathways, and even seating spots. Traditional nature-based religions and imported Buddhism practiced in Korea are the inspiration for the harmony between all of these aspects. Check out some of these gorgeous Korean gardens for inspiration:

A Guide to Korean Landscaping - Shrubhub

Plants Used in Korean Gardens

Fruit Trees

Most Korean gardens have water plants like lotuses and lilies, bamboo groves, fruit trees like pears and cherries, and evergreen trees like red pines. The trees and plants are frequently arranged to simulate the appearance of natural woodland, and many flowering plants are planted specifically to attract birds and other animals.

Rocks & Gravel

Rocks and gravel can be positioned around ponds to give them a more natural appearance, or they can be organized in groupings and formations to simulate mountains or hills. Along the edges of the gently curved pathways, smaller rocks and gravel may also be scattered. There are fewer straight pathways in a Korean garden since they are uncommon.

Ponds & Other Water Features

Korean gardens place a lot of emphasis on water. Ponds can serve as a direct source of irrigation for gardens, in addition to keeping the garden's temperature cool. It was useful to have a pond nearby in the past when most structures were made of wood and fire danger was constant to aid put out the flames in the event of an emergency. In a Korean garden, the ponds might have stone borders, be filled with koi fish, and have lilies and lotuses growing in them.

A bridge might also be used to traverse a huge pond. Many Korean gardens also have one or two pavilions where visitors can sit and admire the surrounding natural beauty. In Korea, stone figures and patterns are commonly used as yard decorations. These buildings, as well as the complete landscape design, are often oriented toward the east by feng shui principles.

A Guide to Korean Landscaping - Shrubhub

Growing an Edible Korean Garden

Korean gardens can also be useful. Why not try beginning a Korean kitchen garden if you're interested in Korean cuisine, especially if you have Korean ancestry? In addition to many of your normal veggies, it may also contain certain plants utilized in Korean cuisine that are a little strange in a typical veggie bed.

Here are some of our favorite veggies to use in an edible garden! A lot of them are staples in classic Korean cooking that we love!

A Guide to Korean Landscaping - Shrubhub

Korean Garden Ideas

Stone Animals

Nothing completes a garden like your own garden pet! Stone animals are gorgeous additions to any landscape especially those focused on highlighting the energy flow of Korean landscaping. They are stunning when set as a central focal point or paired with wispy trees and stone.

Garden Decorations

Some of the best ways to elevate your Korean garden while still keeping it pretty simple is to focus on different types of garden decorations. Making sure everything flows together naturally is a must so keep this in mind when adding decorations. Get inspiration from popular Korean gardens and landscapes in South Korea or Japan if you can.

Different type of natural garden decorations includes using different forms of the arts (sculptures, placements, painted pavilion, etc.). Try playing with the architecture of your yard and use natural elements to your advantage.


Choosing plants for your landscape is a very important task as this can be the most important element in your garden. On a grand scale, everything needs to follow the same energy flow and have a consistent theme. The style of the plants you choose also matters, the trees should flow together nicely, and the flowers should follow a simple color scheme.

A Guide to Korean Landscaping - Shrubhub

Zen Garden

Now a Zen Garden is more common in Japan than it is in South Korea but that doesn't mean you can't try and have them incorporated!

The popularity of Zen Garden concepts is not surprising. They are stunning, straightforward, and low maintenance. Additionally, as far as garden layouts go, they're a definite approach to creating a serene atmosphere in your outside space. Most of this rings true when it comes to Korean landscaping as well.

When it comes to incorporating them, try and keep it tasteful, incorporate the flow of Korean landscaping with the peaks and details of Zen Gardens for the ultimate serene getaway.

Stepping Stones

To travel from the grass to the shed or from the house to the gate, every garden needs one or two paths. However, a path does not always have to be purely useful. They can also be used to promote mindfulness when woven around a small tree, a statue, or a body of water.

The effect is enhanced when we incorporate some of our favorite steppingstone concepts because each step needs concentration, which naturally slows the pace. Keep lines bent and choose natural stone, as in the tranquil image above. The outcome will let you explore your plot in solitude while admiring the scenery and soaking up the local vegetation's lushness.

A Guide to Korean Landscaping - Shrubhub

Shrubs & Hedges

Using shrubs & hedges is also a fantastic way to add a natural state of division in your yard. One of our favorites to use is the Korean Boxwood.

The resilient Korean boxwood, which is compact but adaptable, has been used in practically every type of landscape project. This shrub is a well-liked hedge plant option for foundations, edging situations, parterres, and formal gardens due to its dense, compact foliage and capacity to be shorn into precise designs.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Call a Professional!

One of the key influences of a Korean garden is the energy flow. Maintaining or creating an energy flow is very essential, which is why when it comes to Korean landscaping, everything can seem a bit overwhelming.

if you're loving the idea of having a simple yet exquisite landscape in your backyard, but don't know how to go through with it, it might be time to call a professional. using professional design services allow you to try a plethora of options while at the same using professional design services allows you to try a plethora of options while at the same allowing for space from a professional to help you out when it comes to placements of species of plants and different types of examples on how you use this to your advantage.

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