4 Affordable Backyard Lighting Ideas for Better Evenings

Published: 09/11/2022 | Updated: 29/03/2023

4 Affordable Backyard Lighting Ideas for Better Evenings - Shrubhub

What does your yard look like when the sun goes down? You might have an outdoor space adorned with rows of warm lights flanking your pathway, a seating area lit up by a decorative wall with hanging string lights, or pool lighting that adds a level of class and style to your outdoor space. However, if you still illuminate your backyard with a single light bulb in the center, it’s time for you to have a well-lit dreamy backyard. 

ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry. ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry.

Why Is Backyard Lighting a Game Changer? 

You might wonder how a tiny light bulb can transform a landscape design from an uninviting, flat outdoor space to your favorite cozy getaway with the warmest setting. Even in something as detailed as landscape lighting, the outcome has the power to bring a whole new world of creativity into your backyard.

Coming home to a welcoming, beautifully-lit backyard offers you a true sense of serenity. To create a homely atmosphere with backyard lighting is to boost your property’s aesthetics, shed light on your home’s architectural features, heighten your sense of security, and give your space an entirely new purpose. 

The art of landscape lighting is not merely confined to casting a charming setting or curating an outdoor magical experience, but it rather extends to the comfort of your home. Envision yourself relaxing indoors while gazing at the outdoor lighting effects of your backyard. Similar to getting lost in the intricate details of a living painting, you get to connect with the beauty of nature at night while comfortably sitting on your sofa.

4 Affordable Backyard Lighting Ideas for Better Evenings - Shrubhub

Your Backyard Has a New Purpose at Night

A unique lighting design is one of the greatest ways to give your yard some depth at night. Start by planning your landscape lighting design and then choose lighting options that best complement the overall mood of your abode.

Nothing makes this challenging task more rewarding than finally putting all the design pieces together to fashion a professionally-designed outdoor space that welcomes you and your family day and night. 

Imagine opening your eyes to a perfectly-lit outdoor seating area beautified with a warm glow that makes your property shine at night. Skip all the hard work of planning your landscape design, and spare yourself the desperate search for suitable lighting ideas. All you need to do is consult a professional designer who would translate their understanding of the power of lighting in a landscape design into a living reality.

4 Affordable Backyard Lighting Ideas for Better Evenings - Shrubhub

For now, take a spin through some of our affordable outdoor lighting ideas that won’t break the bank:

1. Light Up Your Backyard Fence

While fences are originally built to protect you and your family and keep children and animals from roaming around the neighborhood unattended, they are also designed for more than a utilitarian reason.  Building aesthetically-pleasing fences is a clever way to make safety meet curb appeal. 

Adorning your backyard fence with warm lighting is an innovative way to accentuate the beauty of your yard by casting a calming glow that envelops your garden with serenity.

If you would like to add an artistic flare to your fence, install a few affordable solar lights that come in various shapes and sizes so you can pick the mood that matches your landscape design.

On the other hand, if mystical drama is your theme, install low lighting with tiny LED lights for a note of tranquility.

Whether you hang outdoor string lights, opt for solar rail lighting, add a combination of fence lighting, install curtain lighting, or place spotlights; you can take your backyard to the next level by saying goodbye to this ominous feel and welcoming a pleasingly familiar space. 

2. Decorate Your Space with Lanterns

Looking for means to stretch the dollar while taking pleasure in your outdoor space without worrying about costly landscape lighting systems? The answer is as simple and short as outdoor lanterns!

Available in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and decorative designs, outdoor lanterns can evoke feelings of tranquility and pleasure. Brightening your outdoor nights and making them memorable require decent-looking lanterns that can be gracefully placed like a piece of art that emanates a mind-cooling glow.

4 Affordable Backyard Lighting Ideas for Better Evenings - Shrubhub

A New-fashioned Approach

Bring a subtle glare to your backyard seating area by adding a couple of sleek medium-sized lanterns on the table. For a rather festive and extremely cheap option, you could embellish your outdoor retreat with hanging paper lanterns.

One of the most artistic ways to decorate your backyard with lanterns is to make an impact by spreading different-sized, modern lanterns across your backyard to bring an air of dreaminess.

History Brought to Life

Living in the present time doesn’t mean you have to forsake the inspirational beauty of past designs. So, if you are wishing to summon the historic charm of the Mediterranean era, opt for crafty lanterns with intricate patterns to fashion an enchanting backyard that channels the Mediterranean spirit right into your home.

3. Dress Your Trees Up with Lights

Fancy living a fairytale in your backyard?

Creating a dreamy escape that doesn’t cost you a fortune calls for a dash of imagination. While trees increase the value of your property, you can still further their elegance by adorning them with a charming glare that portrays not only a tree’s natural beauty but also sheds light on the surrounding elements of your backyard.

4 Affordable Backyard Lighting Ideas for Better Evenings - Shrubhub

To add a magical statement in your backyard, light up the branches and leaves and let nature cast its charming spell with these lighting ideas:

A Bold Statement

Hanging lanterns create a romantic feel and add depth to your backyard. However, if you are looking for a simpler backyard lighting idea to go with your modern landscape design, go for tree-up lights, install a couple of lighting fixtures at the base of tree trunks, and direct the glow toward the branches. This is how you make a big impression while sticking to a sleek design and cheap lighting ideas.

The Full-of-Joys Style

A cheerful backyard look doesn’t always have to mean a holiday is around the corner. Some enjoy a festive backyard all year round. Wrapping trees with outdoor string lights is one of the most common and cheap ways to fashion an eclectic outdoor space.

Nothing beats inviting outdoor spaces bejeweled with shimmering glows. All you might need is a ladder, an outdoor extension cord, outdoor light strands, and plant tape.

4. Explore DIY Upcycling Ideas for Backyard Lighting

If you are one of those who always find purpose in old objects and create a whole new life out of nothing, these ideas will inspire your next creation!

Unlike recycling which is mainly based on breaking down the material, upcycling is about finding new life in things that have already been worn out.

Here’s a life hack for you: whenever you are about to throw something away, give free rein to your artistic skills and welcome the masterpiece that follows. The joy of upcycling goes beyond the social and economic benefits, it also benefits the environment by saving materials and minimizing the use of natural resources.

4 Affordable Backyard Lighting Ideas for Better Evenings - Shrubhub

Have glass jars lain around? Now you can create your first upcycled backyard lighting idea. With low-voltage solar outdoor lights and a solar jar lid, you can craft your own lantern.

You can also repurpose your cans into artistic lanterns that boast intricate patterns. Choose your favorite color, add a fresh coat of paint to the can, and – with the help of a nail and hammer- craft the pattern of your choice to create a stylish and decorative shade in your outdoor space.

How to Create an Affordable Backyard Lighting Design?

When it comes to backyard lighting ideas, there are endless possibilities to add a warm ambiance and a cozy glow to your outdoor space. From the best smart outdoor lighting, solar path lights, accent lighting, security lights, and statement pendants to illuminated focal points, each option gives your backyard a certain character.

The key to having a mesmerizing yet low-cost backyard retreat is to seek the guidance of a professional.

Shrubhub designers have a deep knowledge of the light and dark concept and driven by their passion for outdoor lighting design, they can professionally pair the character of your outdoor space with a suitable lighting mood.


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