16 Creative Arizona Landscape Ideas For Any Arizona Backyard

Published: 20/02/2023 | Updated: 10/09/2023

16 Creative Arizona Landscape Ideas For Any Arizona Backyard - Shrubhub

We all want to enjoy our home landscape, but there’s a lot to consider when you’re designing a space that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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When we're talking about Arizona landscaping, the hardscape elements alone—such as patios, decks, and stairs—can take up a lot of space, so it pays to make the most of what outdoor living areas you have.

The same goes for plantings in your yard: You want them to bring color and texture into your backyard landscape, but you also want them to last for years without looking like they need constant maintenance.

Fortunately for homeowners in Arizona who love gardening and landscaping, but don’t have much time on their hands (or money), there are plenty of creative ways to get the most out of small spaces with large potential!

1. Use Desert Plants in Your Arizona Backyards

If you have any kind of yard or outdoor space in any place with an arid climate, it's easy to assume that not many plants can survive the scorching heat.

The good news, however, is that using desert plants and other drought-resistant plants in a desert landscape is easy!

There are so many interesting plants and trees out there that can thrive in the dry Arizona climate. You can use them in your yard, garden, landscaping, outdoor space, and backyard.

Here are some plants that can survive arid conditions in your Arizona home:

16 Creative Arizona Landscape Ideas For Any Arizona Backyard - Shrubhub

2. Create Shade in Small Spaces

If you find yourself with a small Arizona yard, you’re not out of luck. There are plenty of ways to create shade without too much space.

Your first option is to add an awning or canopy that extends from your house and over the space below. If you have a patio or deck, this can give it some extra privacy while also providing some relief from the heat.

You can also add these structures around windows if they face south—it will block out the sun and keep things cooler inside as well!

Your 2nd option is to use pergolas, trellises, and arbors.

These types of structures are great because they give shade while still allowing airflow through them (which helps keep bugs away). The greatest thing about those structures is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles—from simple arches up to intricate designs with vines growing on them!

3. Install an Outdoor Fireplace

To install an outdoor fireplace, you need to take some measurements, find the right spot in your yard and choose a design that will fit in with the rest of your landscape.

There are many types of fireplaces to choose from:

16 Creative Arizona Landscape Ideas For Any Arizona Backyard - Shrubhub

4. You Can Integrate Seasonal Color Into Your Landscaping

You can integrate seasonal color into your landscaping by choosing flowering plants that are in bloom during the season. You will be able to create a more colorful landscape with a variety of colors, heights, and textures.

You may want to use plants that are native to your area since they are more suited for Arizona's desert climate and summer heat.

Native plants also require less maintenance than non-native varieties because they can withstand drought conditions better than other species of plants.

Besides attracting birds and bees (which are great pollinators), flowers enhance the aesthetic appeal of any backyard space in the summertime and provide shade during hot weather months such as July or August.

5. Enhance Adobe Walls With Desert Landscaping Touches

If you have an adobe wall in your backyard, use it to its fullest advantage by incorporating desert landscaping touches.

Desert plants can be used to create shade in small spaces and will enhance the natural look of your adobe walls.

You don't need to go overboard; simple enhancements like planting cacti or creating a desert garden are perfect for adding a touch of nature and warmth to any patio or balcony.

16 Creative Arizona Landscape Ideas For Any Arizona Backyard - Shrubhub

6. Water Features Don’t Need to Be Complex

Water features don’t need to be complex. They can simply be as simple as a birdbath or fountain, but for those who are bold and adventurous, there are many ways to make your backyard stand out with a water feature.

If you have space for it, consider adding a pond or even an in-ground pool! Waterfalls also add beauty and tranquility to any backyard when done properly.

The key is being creative with the placement of your water feature so that it fits into the overall design of your yard while still being functional (i.e., not taking up too much space).

7. Use a Focal Point to Provide a Sense of Depth in Your Yard

One of the most important aspects of your Arizona backyard, regardless of its size or style, is that you should have a focal point. A focal point is an area where all eyes are drawn when people enter your yard.

Having a focal point provides a sense of depth in your space and helps define areas within the space. In other words, it helps create cohesiveness and a sense of order throughout the space.

This doesn't mean that every single corner needs something eye-catching; however, if you don't have any areas like this then it's likely that your entire backyard feels flat and lifeless.

8. Add a Living Wall for Texture and Color

A living wall is a great way to add texture and color to an otherwise boring space. Consider using a variety of plants, including succulents and cacti; the different textures will create interest throughout the year.

You can also accentuate your living wall with brightly colored flowers that complement your other landscaping elements. Be sure to consider the location of your wall carefully—it needs plenty of sun, but not so much that it will burn your plants!

Also, be sure you can support the weight of any climbing vines or tree branches before adding them to your landscape.

16 Creative Arizona Landscape Ideas For Any Arizona Backyard - Shrubhub

9. Mix Landscaping Elements for Visual Interest

Mixing landscaping elements is a great way to add interest and visual appeal to your yard. You can mix different plants, foliage, stones, or even colors in your landscape design.

This will help create a more dynamic landscape that will make your yard stand out from others. It’s also helpful if you’re trying to come up with unique ideas for your backyard.

If you're having trouble brainstorming what to plant in your yard, try mixing things! For example, instead of just planting grasses all over the place, mix it up by planting some shrubs as well!

10. Get Creative with Rocks and Pebbles

Rocks and pebbles can be used to create a natural look in your Arizona backyard. They can also help define spaces around your yard, such as paths or gardens. Rocks and pebbles are great accessories to use when creating a focal point for your Arizona backyard.

Rocks and pebbles come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors which makes them versatile enough to use anywhere in the backyard.

You can create borders with large rocks or add smaller ones along garden beds to help separate them from other areas of your yard such as pathways or patios on top of grassy surfaces!

11. Upgrade Your Hardscaping with Cactus Flourishing Around It

Cactus are a versatile landscaping staple. They can be used to create a natural barrier, as a wall or hedge, to create a fence or border, and even in the front yard.

16 Creative Arizona Landscape Ideas For Any Arizona Backyard - Shrubhub

12. Create a Focal Piece for Your Garden or Backyard With Succulents

If you want to make your backyard look as good as it feels, you're going to need succulents.

Succulents are easy to grow, easy to propagate (if you know what that means), low maintenance, and completely drought resistant.

They come in a variety of colors and shapes—you can even get them in multiple sizes for those big spaces where one plant won't do the trick!

13. Celebrate the Bright Colors Available in Desert Blooms With an Annuals Bed

Annuals are a great way to add color and interest to your yard. They're easy to grow, so you can plant annuals at any time of year.

And if you have limited space, annuals are a good choice—they're small enough that you'll be able to plant an entire border or garden bed with just one packet! Annuals can also be planted in containers too.

You don't need much experience to grow these plants either; they typically grow quickly and easily from seed by themselves. So, if you want to save money on starting your flower garden, try some annuals!

14. Plant Some Aloe Vera That Has a Purpose Beyond Its Beauty

Aloe vera is one of the most commonly grown succulents in Arizona, it’s also one of the easiest to care for! If you want an easy-to-grow plant that will serve a purpose, Aloe vera is perfect for you if you want an easy-to-grow plant that will serve a purpose beyond its beauty.

Aloe vera plants have long, fleshy leaves that grow from fat bulbs that are planted underground. The leaves can be harvested and used to soothe sunburn or skin irritations.

They also contain anti-inflammatory properties that help with arthritis symptoms and other joint pains. Aloe vera plants can be propagated through cuttings purchased at your local nursery or by growing a new plant from rhizome sections (the thickened roots).

16 Creative Arizona Landscape Ideas For Any Arizona Backyard - Shrubhub

15. Consider How the Light Falls on the Arid Landscape to Make the Most of It When Designing the Layout of Your Yard

Arid landscapes in Arizona are a sight to behold. The sun glints off the desert floor and can be harsh on your skin, so it's important to consider where the light will fall when designing your yard.

For example, if you want to take advantage of shade during the day but still have enough sunlight for plant growth and lighting at night, try building an alcove or sitting area that faces away from the sun so that you're getting shade during peak hours.

A great way to make use of both sunlight and shade is through plants: native cacti thrive in direct sunlight, while many other species prefer partial shade (or even full-on darkness).

16. Try Layering Planters to Add Depth and Dimension to Yards With Limited Space or Grade Changes

You can also create depth and dimension by using different heights of planters.

For example, you could use tall planters to create a focal point in your yard while placing shorter ones off to the sides. This creates a layered look that adds depth to your landscape design.

You can also play with different shapes of planters. Round or square containers will have a different effect on the appearance of your yard than rectangular ones, so experiment with different shapes until you find one that works best for your space!

16 Creative Arizona Landscape Ideas For Any Arizona Backyard - Shrubhub

Arizona Backyard Landscaping Options For Everyone!

With all these ideas, you have plenty of options to help your backyard go from boring to exciting.

The best part is that many of the items are cheap or can be found in the garage while waiting for a new home!

Finally, if you're looking for an affordable landscaping option, don't hesitate to check out shrubhub.com for up to 70% discounts on your Arizona landscaping services!


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