15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space

Published: 10/01/2024 | Updated: 14/01/2024

15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space - Shrubhub


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If you're like me, having a small yard is not an excuse for not having a beautiful garden design or awesome front yard landscaping.

It's even easier to create an amazing outdoor space with modern landscaping in a small yard because it forces you to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions that can make your small outdoor space look great!


15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space - Shrubhub

1. Landscape Design Ideas for Small Front Yards

Small front yard landscapes can be just as beautiful as larger ones, but they require a different approach to landscape design.

Landscaping with a front yard features a small space that requires you to use what you have effectively, which means using low-maintenance plants and hardscape materials (like pavers).

You also want to decorate your front yards with outdoor furniture so that the area feels cozy and lived in.

One of the easiest ways to make your small front yard feel larger is by adding trees or shrubs along the hard edges of its perimeter; this helps block out neighbors' views into your yard while providing privacy for yourself.

If there's room for it, consider planting an arborvitae tree at one end near the front door where people enter their home--it will provide some shade during hot summer days while still allowing plenty of sunlight through its branches onto the ground cover any grassy areas below!


15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space - Shrubhub

2. Create a focal point with a centerpiece.

A focal point is an important element of any landscape design, and it can be as simple or elaborate as you'd like.

A centerpiece can be something like a statue, fountain, or other piece of artwork. It could also be a single tree, or shrub that is the largest in your yard.

If you prefer something more subtle and understated, consider using a garden bed as your focal point--this way you'll still have a nice area to sit while enjoying your outdoor space without having too much attention drawn away from what's around it.


15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space - Shrubhub

3. Add flowering shrubs to your front yard landscaping.

Flowers are more than just a pretty plant. They can be used to attract bees and butterflies, which will in turn attract birds.

Flowers also make for a beautiful cut flower, or you can dry and use them as dried flowers.

In addition to all of this beauty, they can also be used in crafts like wreaths or even dried flower arrangements!


15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space - Shrubhub

4. Keep your yard clutter-free.

This is a great way to keep your home looking clean and well-cared for. Clutter can make any space look dirty and messy, even if it is not.

Keeping your yard clutter-free will also help you maintain control over what's out there so that you don't have to deal with things like weeds or dead plants later on down the line.

5. Use low-maintenance plants in your front yard landscape.

When you are planning out your front yard landscape design, it is important to choose plants that will not require a lot of maintenance.

Trees small plants and shrubs can be great additions to any front yard or, or landscape designer but they do require some upkeep if you want them to stay healthy and look good.

Here are some tips:


15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space - Shrubhub

6. Grow an evergreen border or hedge around your property line.

A hedge is a row of closely planted shrubs or trees that are aligned along a property line. They can be used to define your property line and separate it from neighboring yards, or they can serve as a screen for privacy purposes.

Hedges also come in handy when you want to separate different parts of your yard--for example, if you have an area that needs protection from wind and rain but don't have enough space for a fence (or don't want one).

Hedges can be made up of many different plants--boxwood, viburnum, rhododendron, and more--but some are better than others at providing privacy and shade while still allowing light through.

This is important because the plants underneath won't die out during the summer months when they need sun most desperately!


15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space - Shrubhub

7. Add hardscape materials to define your outdoor space.

Stone, brick, or flagstone walkways are ideal for defining the space between your outdoor living areas and garden or flower beds throughout your house. They can also add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral landscape.

Pavers are another great way to define outdoor space by creating a patio or pathway through the yard.

You can take small rocks and use them as stepping stones from your porch from one area to another or place them in rows that lead up your driveway to your front door for a more formal look.

Decking is another great option for creating new areas within your otherwise small front yard landscape that add functionality and beauty!

Decking comes in many styles so you're sure to find something that fits with the rest of your front yard landscaping ideas and plans!

If you'd like something more rustic than traditional wood decking materials then try bamboo or cedar planks instead which will give off a warmer feel than standard pine boards might offer on their piece of property!


15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space - Shrubhub

8. Create interest with the pathways and seating areas in your outdoor space.

Use pavers, brick, or stone to define pathways that lead to a focal point or create visual interest.

You can also create a welcoming outdoor space by using seating areas as a focal point for your front lawn or yard landscaping ideas.

This can be done by placing furniture that has been painted the same color as your house or other materials around it such as plants annual flowers, rocks, statues, etc...

If you want to create an even more cozy feel then place some candles on top of your outdoor table.


15 Best Garden Screening Ideas For A Private Outdoor Space - Shrubhub

9. Decorate with outdoor furniture to make it look cozy and inviting.

If you want to make your outdoor space feel cozy and inviting, decorating with outdoor furniture is a great way to do it.

You can also use outdoor furniture to create a focal point. The focal point of your small front yard landscaping should be the most eye-catching part of the yard.

If you want to create an inviting space for guests or family members, choose a piece that stands out from its surroundings and makes them feel welcome when they arrive at your home!

Use outdoor furniture as conversation areas where people can relax together after work or school, or when they come over for dinner parties.

10. Plant colorful annuals in low-maintenance edging to soften the look of the concrete sidewalk.

If your home's front yard is like most front yards, it probably has a concrete sidewalk that extends from the street to the driveway or front door. That can be an eyesore if you don't take care of it and make it look nice.

Luckily, there are ways to add curb appeal and make this part of your property look great! One way is by planting colorful annuals in low-maintenance edging beds to soften the look of the concrete sidewalk.

11. Add a birdbath or birdhouse in a prominent place.

This will attract birds, which are great for your garden. Birds can also help control pests such as aphids and caterpillars.

If you have a small yard, consider adding a birdbath or birdhouse in a prominent place.

Here are some tips

12. Consider using flowering vines to cover unsightly fences and walls.

If you have an unsightly fence, porch, or wall, consider using flowering vines to cover it. Vines can be trained to grow vertically and thus provide a beautiful way to hide these eyesores.

Use vines for more than just covering up fences and walls; they can also be used in vertical landscaping ideas and gardens!

13. Create a vertical garden

A vertical garden is a great way to add color and interest to the smaller side of your yard. They're also easy to create and maintain, meaning that even if you're not an experienced gardener, you can have one in no time at all!

Vertical gardens can be used in any size yard--whether it be a large or a small front yard--and they look just as good indoors as they do outdoors.

Make it simple

You can make your front porch and side yard landscaping simple, or you can overcomplicate it.

The latter will lead to an unkempt lawn, dying plants, and a lot of maintenance work. If this sounds like your situation right now, then it's probably time for some changes!

We hope that this article has given you some inspiration and ideas for your front yard landscaping project. The best part about these ideas is that they're all easy to implement, whether you have a small or large budget.

Finally, don't forget to check out shrubhub.com for more landscaping ideas and various discounts on virtual 3d yard design!



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