10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression

Published: 20/05/2024 | Updated: 20/05/2024

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

Breathtaking beauty? Check. Long blooming period? Check. Disease and pest resistance? Check. Ideal for cut flowers? Check. Winter interest? Check. It’s amazing how this plant checks all the boxes for a perfect addition to your yard. Unlike many other available options, coneflowers offer way more than just their pretty looks.

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There’s no doubt their vibrant strokes of pinks, purples, yellows, and whites bring any space to life. Yet, when choosing the right plant, functionality is key. Coneflowers are not only a sustainable choice for your garden and a magnet for pollinators, but they also have significant medicinal properties and enhance soil structure. In this article, we’ve rounded up a wide selection of popular coneflower varieties to help you pick the one that best suits the overall vibes of your abode.

Magnus Purple Coneflower

Standing tall and proud, ‘Magnus’ Purple Coneflower shows off rose-pink petals elegantly spreading around a golden orange center. The sweet femininity of the pink petals strikingly contrasts with the bold, rigid look of the center, offering a living masterpiece that instantly steals focus.  

Thanks to its unique form and shooting for-the-stars petals, this coneflower received the Perennial Plant of the Year award in 1998. Besides, ‘Magnus’ Purple Coneflower makes a bold statement in any setting, as it grows up to 3 feet in height.  

So, what makes this variety in particular a go-to coneflower? A drought-tolerant variety that still thrives in poor soil conditions, ‘Magnus’ Purple Coneflower not only promises worry-free gardening but puts on a striking display to the scene.

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

PowWow White Coneflower

Picture floating white clouds with the golden yellow rays of the sun creeping in between, and you’ll get a hint of what ‘PowWow White’ looks like. Featuring angelic white petals embracing a sunny, yellow-brown center, this coneflower brings a unique blend of peace and joy to the scene.

‘PowWow White’ is renowned for its compact growth habit and abundant blooms that grace your garden with an unmatched level of elegance (with no dead-heading). Reaching a height of 16 to 20 inches, ‘PowWow White’ gives the best performance in full sun, showcasing its mind-blowing blossoms from early summer to fall.

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

PowWow Wild Berry Coneflower

What better way to give your yard some character than by growing ‘PowWow Wild Berry’? Its luminous raspberry-pink petals are further complemented by the fiery orange shades of the center, setting your yard on fire! Beauty aside, this color blend adds an enveloping sense of warmth to the scene, creating a cozy space you can enjoy any time of the day.

This award-winning variety deserves a spot in your yard for its non-fading flowers, compact growth, and unparalleled blooming power. So, if you have a small garden that needs a pop of color to look alive, ‘PowWow Wild Berry’ is a perfect choice as it only reaches 16 to 20 inches in height. On the other hand, this variety doubles as a magnificent, lively border if you own a vast yard. Thriving in full sun and well-drained soil, ‘PowWow Wild Berry’ brightens up your yard with bursts of color from early summer through fall.

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

Purple Coneflower

Native to North America, the Purple Coneflower is a beloved staple in many gardens, admired both for its striking beauty and medicinal properties. When you look at this variety, it instantly teleports you to a stretching lavender prairie. Its distinctive lavender-pink petals radiate around a robust, cone-shaped center, which shifts from green to a rich, chocolate brown as the flower matures.

Reaching a height of 4 feet and a spread of 1 to 2 feet, the Purple Coneflower creates an impressive display when planted in groups or as part of a mixed border. This beautiful variety, blooming from early summer to fall, is not only a feast for the eyes but also a magnet for wildlife. Its nectar-rich flowers attract butterflies and bees, while its seed heads, if left standing through winter, provide food for birds.

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

Ruby Star Coneflower

Uninspired by your outdoor space? Try the unbeatable energy of ‘Ruby Star’. Thanks to its ruby-pink petals surrounding a deep burgundy cone, it sets your property apart from the rest of the neighborhood. The magenta hues marry the passion and energy of the red shades with the luxury and serenity of the lavender color.

Now imagine displaying these stunning coneflowers indoors. It’s like taking a piece of nature’s sheer beauty home to brighten up your mornings and bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your evenings. Since this variety is ideal as a cut flower, there’s no need to imagine. Once the flowers are fully mature, you can cut them and bring them indoors to enjoy a vibrant display.

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

Sombrero Adobe Orange Coneflower

It’s time for a fiesta of colors! Reminiscent of a soft, warm sunset by a golden beach, the ‘Sombrero Adobe Orange’ coneflower evokes feelings of peace and serenity when coming across the scenery. The drooping, deep orange petals complement a bronzy-orange cone with pops of bright yellow, softening it up.  

Standing proudly at 18 to 20 inches tall, this variety brings the tropics charm home and makes a design splash in your abode. Besides, gardeners cherish this variety for its exceptional drought tolerance and disease resistance, making it a brilliant choice for any sunny garden.

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

Sombrero Lemon Yellow Coneflower

Do you prefer a joyful setting that introduces loads of cheerfulness to your space? Let ‘Sombrero Lemon Yellow’ Coneflower bring a smile to your face whenever you step into your outdoor space. This variety illuminates any lifeless yard with a profusion of lemony-yellow blooms. Whenever you come across its breathtaking beauty, you can’t help but think of a perfect summer day.

Homeowners admire ‘Sombrero Lemon Yellow’ for its low maintenance, drought tolerance, and disease resistance features. With minimal care, this hassle-free plant adorns your yard with clusters of luminous blossoms, inviting butterflies and birds to add movement and extra bursts of color to your space.

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

Sombrero Salsa Red Coneflower

‘Sombrero Salsa Red’ is how you turn an average-looking yard into a romantic retreat. Like an enormous bouquet of red roses, this variety shows off daisy-like red blooms embracing a mahogany cone in the center. These deep shades of red color suggest a super daring look that emanates feelings of passion, love, and intrigue.

Plus, this stunning coneflower features a compact form and reaches a height of 24-26 inches, making it a brilliant choice if you have a small yard. Your limited space can be a vast oasis in no time with the eye-catching, fiery allure of ‘Sombrero Salsa Red’. Or, if you have a larger yard, plant a ‘Salsa Red’ border and envelop your space with the breathtaking display of this plant to make your neighbors green with envy.

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower

‘Sombrero Sangrita’ shows off bright scarlet-red blooms crowning an orange center, introducing a unique color palette. The rejuvenating spirit of the orange shades meets with the intense passion of the red color, creating a fiery display that gives your garden a fierce yet romantic look.

Breathe life into a living border to envelop your outdoor space with loads of red blooms, which will feel as if you live in a romantic retreat. Bring it as a focal point to steal your visitor’s attention once they step into your yard. Or plant them in groups next to ‘Sombrero Lemon Yellow’ to create a striking contrast that can turn any lackluster space into a colorful haven.

10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow for a Grand Impression - Shrubhub

White Swan Coneflower

Looking to bring a blend of serenity and elegance to your yard? Don’t think twice and grow ‘White Swan’ Coneflower! This stunning variety adorns your garden with large, showy white flowers that are further complemented with a golden-green cone in the center that casts a soft, honey-toned glow.

Beyond its gripping beauty, there are many reasons White Swan Coneflower deserves a spot in your yard. It not only requires minimal care for a show-stopping display, but it also shows great drought tolerance, making it an excellent choice for eco-friendly gardens. Besides, White Swan Coneflower features a long blooming period, which promises a full-of-life garden all year round!

Bottom Line

Who wouldn’t want to turn their lifeless yard into a colorful retreat? From the joyful hues of the ‘Sombrero Lemon Yellow’ to the royal touch of the ‘Ruby Star’, coneflowers bridge the gap between functionality and style. When you incorporate these head-turning flowers into your landscape design, you not only revamp your space but also contribute to a better environment.



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