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Growing Zone: 6
Location: Ashburn, VA
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Growing Zone: 6

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Growing Zone: 6
Location: Ashburn, VA
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Growing Zone: 6

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Cutting Edge Foamflower

Tiarella 'Cutting Edge'

2 reviews


Cutting Edge Foamflower

Tiarella 'Cutting Edge'

2 reviews


Why Cutting Edge Foamflower?

  • Beautiful cascading blooms add texture and visual interest to gardens
  • Tolerant of a wide range of soil types and light conditions
  • Attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies
Cutting Edge Foamflower is a popular groundcover plant that's perfect for moist, shady areas in your garden. With its unique and eye-catching foliage, the Cutting Edge variety features dark green leaves with bright red veins. In addition to its appealing appearance, this plant produces pretty white or pink flowers in the spring that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. Low-maintenance and easy to grow, Cutting Edge Foamflower adds a pop of color and texture to any landscape.



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Why Is Cutting Edge Foamflower a Great Investment for Your Plot?


Surreal, serene, elegant, and whimsical, the Cutting Edge Foamflower (Tiarella 'Cutting Edge') is a surefire way to bathe your space with an ethereal glow. Boasting an otherworldly gripping beauty, this woodland perennial never fails to add depth, texture, and interest to your abode. This angelic piece of art promises calmness, uniqueness, freedom, and loads of freshness.


Resembling snowflakes that brightly shine in your yard, the gorgeous Cutting Edge Foamflower boasts showy, creamy bottlebrush-like flowers that create an unbeatable Zen energy and radiate a pure color that lends your space an overpowering sense of serenity.


Tiny miracles of beauty, delicate, and full of grace, these fragrant flowers not only dazzle your visitors with their gripping beauty but also draw butterflies and honeybees to their rich nectar.


A point of architectural interest, the Cutting Edge Foamflower’s elegant foliage can effortlessly be the star of this show! With a hard-to-miss appearance that resembles Japanese Maple Tree leaves, Cutting Edge Foamflower shows off finely-dissected green leaves that create an artsy vibe for your plot. Dramatic dark burgundy centers sneak their way across the leaves, lending extra significance and grandeur to your property.


Hardy in USDA growing zones 4 to 9, this woodland perennial grows up to 8 to 10 inches in height and 16 to 18 inches in spread, performs best in full shade to partial shade, and prefers medium moisture, well-drained soil.


When it comes to incorporating this expression of nature’s calmness in your landscape design, you will only be limited by your imagination!


From compact gardens and borders to shading gardens and containers, Cutting Edge Foamflower will surely reward you with a symphony of hues and an extravagant charm to behold!


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Plant Information:

Botanical Name: Tiarella 'Cutting Edge'
USDA Zones: 4-9
Water: Moderate
Exposure: Full Shade
Soil Needs: Well Drained
Mature Height: 8 - 10 inches
Mature Spread: 16 - 18 inches
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Pollination Info

Pollination Information for Cutting Edge Foamflower (Tiarella 'Cutting Edge')

Cutting Edge Foamflower is a cultivar of the Tiarella plant species, commonly known as foamflowers. Foamflowers are primarily pollinated by various types of bees, including bumblebees, honeybees, and solitary bees, as well as some types of butterflies and moths.

The flowers of Cutting Edge Foamflower are small and white or pink in color. They are arranged in a raceme shape and have both male and female reproductive organs. The male parts produce pollen, while the female parts produce the egg cells that will eventually form the seeds.

Pollination occurs when a bee or other pollinator visits a Flower and collects pollen. As the pollinator goes from flower to flower, it inadvertently transfers pollen from the male parts of one flower to the female parts of another. This process fertilizes the egg cells and leads to the formation of fruits and seeds.

Overall, Cutting Edge Foamflower is a fairly easy plant to pollinate. As long as there are plenty of bees and other pollinators around, the plant should be able to produce plenty of seeds and continue to thrive in your garden.


Cutting Edge Foamflower (Tiarella 'Cutting Edge') - FAQ

1. What is Cutting Edge Foamflower?

Cutting Edge Foamflower, also known as Tiarella 'Cutting Edge', is a perennial plant that is part of the Saxifrage family. It is commonly grown for its attractive foliage and delicate flowers, making it a popular choice for gardens and landscaping.

2. What are the characteristics of Cutting Edge Foamflower?

Cutting Edge Foamflower typically grows to a height of 6-8 inches, with a spread of 12-15 inches. It has glossy, dark green leaves with purplish-red markings that form a mound. The plant also produces airy spikes of small, white flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer, attracting bees and other pollinators.

3. How do I plant Cutting Edge Foamflower?

Cutting Edge Foamflower prefers a well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. It also prefers partial shade, although it can tolerate full sun in cooler climates. When planting, space the plants 12-15 inches apart and water regularly until established.

4. How do I care for Cutting Edge Foamflower?

Cutting Edge Foamflower is relatively low maintenance, requiring only occasional watering and fertilization. The plant can benefit from a light layer of mulch around the base to help retain moisture and suppress weeds. Additionally, deadheading spent flowers can encourage new growth and keep the plant looking tidy.

5. Are there any pests or diseases that affect Cutting Edge Foamflower?

Common pests that can affect Cutting Edge Foamflower include slugs and snails, which can be controlled with bait or other treatments. The plant is generally resistant to diseases, although it can be susceptible to leaf spot or powdery mildew in humid conditions.

6. Can Cutting Edge Foamflower be propagated?

Yes, Cutting Edge Foamflower can be propagated through division, which is best done in the spring or fall. To divide the plant, carefully dig it up and separate the roots into smaller clumps, making sure each clump has some leaves and stems attached. Replant the new divisions in well-draining soil and water thoroughly.

7. Is Cutting Edge Foamflower deer resistant?

While Cutting Edge Foamflower is not completely deer resistant, it is generally considered less attractive to deer than many other plants. However, in areas with heavy deer populations, it may still be necessary to take measures to protect the plant.

Planting & Care

Planting & Care for Cutting Edge Foamflower (Tiarella 'Cutting Edge')


  • Choose a planting location with well-draining soil that receives partial to full shade
  • Prepare the soil by adding compost or organic matter
  • Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball and place the plant in the hole at the same depth it was planted in its nursery container
  • Backfill the hole with soil and water thoroughly


  • Water regularly, keeping the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged
  • Mulch around the plant to help conserve moisture and suppress weeds
  • Fertilize in the spring with a slow-release, balanced fertilizer
  • Deadhead after flowering to encourage more blooms and prevent self-seeding
  • Trim back any yellowing or brown leaves as needed
  • Divide the plant every 2-3 years in the spring to control its spread and rejuvenate growth

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Miyako U.

Overall a fantastic shopping experience. Will definitely be ordering from them again.

Hanna P.

The Cutting Edge Foamflower is a high-quality product that arrived quickly and in great condition.

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