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Growing Zone: 6
Location: Ashburn, VA
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Growing Zone: 6

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Growing Zone: 6
Location: Ashburn, VA
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Growing Zone: 6

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Evercolor Everillo Carex

Carex oshimensis 'Everillo'

10 reviews


Evercolor Everillo Carex

Carex oshimensis 'Everillo'

10 reviews


Why Evercolor Everillo Carex?

  • Tolerates a wide range of soil types
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Beautiful golden foliage adds color to the garden
Evercolor Everillo Carex is a low-maintenance perennial grass with neon-yellow foliage that adds vibrant color to any garden. It thrives in partial to full shade and moist soil conditions. Regular watering and partial shade provide the best care for this plant. Evercolor Everillo Carex is deer-resistant and makes a great addition to beds, borders, and containers. It also works well as a groundcover or filler plant.



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Evercolor Everillo Carex requires full to partial sunlight. It thrives in areas with at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day, but can tolerate some shade.

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Evercolor Everillo Carex has moderate watering requirements. It prefers consistently moist soil but should not be overwatered. It is important to allow the top layer of soil to dry slightly between waterings to prevent root rot.

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Evercolor Everillo Carex requires a well-drained and fertile soil. It benefits from regular applications of a slow-release, balanced fertilizer in spring. Avoid excessive nitrogen fertilizers, as they may promote leaf growth rather than root development.

Evercolor Everillo Carex: Radiant Neon Charm for Your Garden

Elevate your garden with the captivating and evergreen charm of Evercolor Everillo Carex! 

Discover this stunning perennial at our ShrubHub store, where you can embrace its radiant neon lime green foliage that stays vibrant all year round.

With its unique and bold appearance, Evercolor Everillo Carex is the perfect accent plant to illuminate any landscape. 

Its dazzling foliage adds a pop of color that effortlessly draws the eye, making it a standout choice for your garden.

But there's more to Evercolor Everillo Carex than just its beauty. This remarkable plant is designed for ease, requiring very low maintenance to flourish. 

Say goodbye to worries about diseases and pests - this resilient perennial is naturally resistant, ensuring that your garden remains effortlessly spectacular.

Whether your garden enjoys partial sun or full shade, Evercolor Everillo Carex adapts gracefully to its surroundings, bringing its vibrant glow to even the most shaded corners. 

Its adaptability extends to various soil conditions, including wet soils, making it an excellent choice for slopes and areas with high moisture.

Standing at a mature height of 12 - 18 inches, this perennial is perfect for containers or ground-level plantings. 

The stunning transition from green to gold foliage adds an enchanting touch, and come fall, the leaves transform into a delightful shade of yellow, providing a fitting finale to the growing season.

Transform your garden into a visual masterpiece with Evercolor Everillo Carex. 

Its unique blend of beauty and practicality makes it an outstanding choice for gardeners seeking a vibrant, easy-to-maintain accent plant that thrives in various light and soil conditions.

Don't wait any longer - visit our ShrubHub store today and bring home the captivating charm of Evercolor Everillo Carex. 

Your garden deserves nothing less than the extraordinary!


Plant Information:

Botanical Name: Carex oshimensis 'Everillo'
USDA Zones: 5-9
Water: High
Exposure: Full Shade
Soil Needs: Tolerates Wet Soils
Mature Height: 12 - 18 inches
Mature Spread: 12 - 18 inches
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Pollination Info

Information on Pollination for Evercolor Everillo Carex (Carex oshimensis 'Everillo')

Evercolor Everillo Carex (Carex oshimensis 'Everillo') is a grass-like plant that reproduces through vegetative means rather than through pollination. It does not produce flowers or seeds and does not rely on pollinators for reproduction.

The plant can be propagated through division, which involves separating the parent plant into smaller sections and replanting them. This is the most common way to propagate carex plants and is a reliable way to ensure that the new plants will have the same characteristics as the parent plant. It is also possible to propagate carex plants through tissue culture or through rooted cuttings.

While pollination is not a factor in the reproduction of Evercolor Everillo Carex, it is still important to provide a suitable habitat for pollinators. Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and moths play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems and supporting plant diversity. By providing a variety of flowering plants and reducing the use of pesticides, gardeners can help support pollinators as well as their own plants.


Evercolor Everillo Carex (Carex oshimensis 'Everillo') Care FAQ

Q1. What is Evercolor Everillo Carex?

Evercolor Everillo Carex is a perennial ornamental grass-like plant commonly known as 'Everillo'. It is scientifically named as Carex oshimensis 'Everillo'. It belongs to the family Cyperaceae and is native to Japan.

Q2. What does the Evercolor Everillo Carex look like?

Evercolor Everillo Carex is a low-maintenance plant that grows up to 12 to 16 inches in height and spreads up to 12 to 18 inches. It has vibrant lime-yellow arching foliage, that turns golden-yellow in full sun. Its foliage is blade-shaped and grows in clumps from a central crown.

Q3. What growing conditions does Evercolor Everillo Carex prefer?

Evercolor Everillo Carex prefers to grow in moist but well-drained soil rich in organic matter. It prefers partial to full shade, though it can tolerate some direct sunlight. It is hardy in USDA Zones 5 to 9.

Q4. How do I plant the Evercolor Everillo Carex?

To plant the Evercolor Everillo Carex:

  • Choose a partially shaded to fully shaded site with moist soil rich in organic matter.
  • Water the plant thoroughly before planting.
  • Dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball of the plant and loosen the soil around it.
  • Place the plant in the hole, making sure the crown is at the same level as the soil surface.
  • Fill the hole with soil, tamping it down gently around the plant.
  • Water the plant thoroughly after planting.

Q5. How often should I water the Evercolor Everillo Carex?

Evercolor Everillo Carex prefers moist soil but it does not like standing in water. Water the plant regularly, especially during the hot, dry summer months. Avoid overwatering as it can lead to root rot.

Q6. How do I fertilize the Evercolor Everillo Carex?

Evercolor Everillo Carex does not require a lot of fertilizer. Apply a slow-release fertilizer in early spring or mid-summer. Alternatively, you can add a layer of compost or well-rotted manure around the plant.

Q7. How do I prune the Evercolor Everillo Carex?

Evercolor Everillo Carex does not require pruning, though you can cut back yellowing or dead foliage in late winter or early spring to promote new growth.

Q8. How do I propagate the Evercolor Everillo Carex?

Evercolor Everillo Carex can be propagated by division in early spring or late summer. Dig up the plant and separate the clumps, ensuring each clump has roots and foliage. Replant each clump in a suitable location and water the plant thoroughly.

Q9. Is the Evercolor Everillo Carex vulnerable to any pests or diseases?

Evercolor Everillo Carex is generally pest and disease-resistant. However, it can be susceptible to leaf spot and rust if grown in humid and poorly ventilated conditions. Avoid overhead watering and provide enough space between plants to allow for good air circulation.

Q10. How do I winterize the Evercolor Everillo Carex?

Evercolor Everillo Carex is hardy in USDA zones 5 to 9. It can tolerate cold temperatures down to -20 Fahrenheit. Apply a layer of mulch around the plant in late fall to help insulate the roots and protect them from frost heave. Avoid overwatering during winter as it can cause the plant to rot.

Planting & Care

Planting & Care for Evercolor Everillo Carex


  • Choose a well-drained planting location that receives partial to full sun.
  • Prepare the soil by adding compost and organic matter.
  • Dig a hole that is slightly larger than the container the plant came in.
  • Remove the plant from the container and gently loosen the roots.
  • Place the root ball in the hole and backfill with soil.
  • Water thoroughly to settle the soil.


  • Water regularly, especially during periods of drought.
  • Fertilize in early spring with a balanced fertilizer.
  • Prune any dead or damaged foliage in the spring to encourage new growth.
  • Divide plants every 2-3 years to maintain their vigor.

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Hitomi V.

Beautiful and healthy Evercolor Everillo Carex plant, arrived in perfect condition

Peter S.

The Evercolor Everillo Carex I received looks stunning in my garden. The plant arrived in great condition and has added a beautiful pop of color. The website was easy to navigate and the shipment was prompt. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase!

Isabel O.

High quality and well-packaged

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