Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Pergola

Published: 08/11/2022 | Updated: 29/03/2023

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Pergola - Shrubhub

One of the most challenging aspects we face when upgrading our yards is what to do with them and how to maximize the use of our space without overcrowding with tacky elements.

ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry. ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry.

A simple yet very effective and aesthetically pleasing way to upgrade your outdoor space is with a pergola. Pergolas come in many shapes and sizes and create a beautiful shaded outdoor area that you can use year-round.

Some of you might not know what exactly a pergola is, simply put, a pergola is an outdoor structure usually made of columns that support a roof. This roof may be covered or may have some spacing in it.

This carefully crafted article by our ShrubHub experts will go into detail about what types of pergolas you could add to your yard to create the perfect shaded area, and give your yard a much-needed makeover with just one simple, yet effective, element.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Pergola - Shrubhub

What Is The Benefit Of Adding A Pergola To Your Yard?

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to building an outdoor pergola is that they provide protection and shade against the harsh sun rays which makes us more inclined to spend time outdoors.

The shaded area provided by a pergola is an entertainer's dream. Not only are you assigning a dedicated part of your yard for entertaining guests, but you are also making your yard more hospitable with a place for your friends and family to come together and enjoy all year round!

Another crucial benefit to adding a pergola to your home is that they are a great future investment to make as they can significantly increase its resale value. Top real estate experts are always encouraging homeowners to upgrade their landscape with a pergola as this increases the curb appeal of their home, therefore, potentially increasing its resale value by about 15%.

Pergolas also significantly increase the aesthetic appeal of your yard, especially if you incorporate the decorative ideas provided by this guide.

Aside from their aesthetic benefits, pergolas also have practical benefits. The most important benefit they provide is protection from weather conditions, they keep you cool in the summer when the sunshine is blinding and provide a cozy shelter during rainy days.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Pergola - Shrubhub

What Are The Types Of Pergolas You Could Add To Your Backyard?

Before deciding on the best type of pergola for your yard, it's important to understand all the different styles and materials available. There are many design ideas available to draw inspiration from which will help you make the best decision for your home, below are the best pergola types to upgrade your yard with.

Attached Pergolas

As their name suggests, attached pergolas are usually an extension of an existing structure making them perfect for your patio or a wooden deck. This type of pergola comes in many materials, the most common are wood and aluminum.

Wooden Pergola

Wood pergolas are the classic form of a pergola. When you hear the word pergola, you automatically think of a large wood structure which is why they are the most commonly found type, this is normally due to their lower price and ability to style and paint over easily.

Whilst a wooden pergola is normally the way to go, there are problems you could face with this material down the line. For starters wood is not as weather-resistant or as durable as other materials, it can be very attractive to insects and pests as nesting grounds and termites may also be a problem down the line.

Wooden pergolas also require more maintenance otherwise they will lose their visual interest over time.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Pergola - Shrubhub

Freestanding Pergolas

A freestanding pergola is a stand-alone pergola that can be added anywhere in your yard for some much-needed shade. You can add one beside your swimming pool or you could add a few chairs and a round table to make a cozy seated afternoon tea area. The materials used for this type of pergola are normally wood and aluminum.

Fiberglass Pergolas

If you are looking for stability, durability, and weather resistance, fiberglass is the way to go! When installed using the proper hardware, fiberglass can withstand up to 170mph of wind, it does not expand or contract with changes of temperate or exposure to sunlight, and it does not corrode and will maintain its appearance for many years to come!

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to fiberglass, try vinyl, it is just as durable and weather-resistant however vinyl can not be painted over.


Whilst many people confuse gazebos with pergolas there is a significant difference between the two. A Gazebo is usually placed on higher ground and its closed roof offers full coverage from the sun, unlike a pergola that offers partial coverage. They are also usually more expensive to build however can be stunning additions to your yard, especially when decorated for an elaborate event in your garden.

How Can You Style Your Pergola?

Pergolas on their own are a sight for sore eyes, but there are some design elements you can to further upgrade the overall look and feel they bring to your yard.

If you want your yard to look like a Mediterranean-inspired summer villa, you could grow hanging plants or vines against your pergola. They will provide a gorgeous cascading effect and add much-needed color and texture to liven up your yard. For a beautiful, fairytale-inspired effect, grow wisteria against your pergola.

You could also hang draping curtains from your pergola for extra privacy and to add a touch of elegance and sleek style to your yard.

For a more rustic look, you could even add a thatched roof and some string lights to lighten up your structure at night.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With A Pergola - Shrubhub

How Can You Get Started On Your Pergola Installation?

Upgrade your backyard with a pergola now, just check out ShrubHub and sign up for our unmatched service. Our experts will guide you step by step on how to pick out and install the perfect pergola for your yard!



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