The Best Hot Tub Pergola Ideas To Create a Private Oasis

Published: 27/03/2023 | Updated: 10/09/2023

The Best Hot Tub Pergola Ideas To Create a Private Oasis - Shrubhub

Needing to shed away a stressful day, there is nothing better to do than to climb down a hot tub and relax. That's why a hot tub can be one of the most essential and used structures in your backyard space.

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Many things can ruin a hot tub experience, though. A nosy neighbor who always wants to know what's going on in your backyard.

Unstable weather makes it unpleasant to enjoy your outdoor hot tub; constant cleaning of the hot tub due to fallen leaves and debris makes you procrastinate and postpone enjoying it!

If those sound like problems you're dealing with, or concerns that are making you reluctant to install a hot tub in your backyard, you're in luck! There is one and a simple solution!

That is to combine a pergola or gazebo structure with your hot tub!

Why Should You Combine Overshade Structures With Hot Tubs?

Whether you already have an outdoor hot tub or are considering installing one, there are tons of reasons why you can make the entire experience better and more valuable by combing it with a pergola or gazebo.

The best and most important of them are:

To Create Privacy

This is the most obvious, and arguably the most valuable of all the reasons!

During any intimate alone time, or with close family and friends, no one likes to feel that they are out in the open for everyone to take a peek at.

A pergola adds privacy and provides a shield from the peeking eyes of your neighbors as you enjoy your hot tub.

It would make you feel more comfortable and private like in a closed room, while simultaneously enjoying all the other benefits of the outdoors.

The effect of complete privacy is that you'd just like to spend even more time outdoors on the day to day basis and make it another living area for you and your whole family!

The Best Hot Tub Pergola Ideas To Create a Private Oasis - Shrubhub

To Provide Shade and Wind/Rain Protection

Another important practical reason is that a pergola's roof would protect your hot tub from strong wind and rain that can wear it down.

While also giving you an outdoor space you can enjoy comfortably during that weather.

The same applies to strong sunny days! It provides comfortable shade and lets you enjoy your hot tub!

To Protect The Hot Tub From Dirt, Leaves, and Other Debris

With the overhead covered, the roof means that you'll need to clean your hot tub less frequently as it will protect it from any debris, including fallen leaves.

That means less maintenance! And indirectly, even more enjoyment of your hot tub, then there will be less procrastination to get it cleaned than climbing down!

To Protect the Hot Tub From the Strong Sun and UV Rays

The roof protection from the sun isn't just to give you shade either! The sun with UV rays can seriously wear down your hot tub.

Protection for it from those rays means your hot tub will have a longer lifespan. So, essentially, you'd be saving money!

To Store Towels and Other Hot Tub Essentials

The pergola structure around your hot tub will make it its own area, with enough space to store everything essential for the hot tub experience.

Less hassle into running in and out of the house to get all your needs.

All you'd need to do after a long day is hop down in your hot tub and have no worries about what you need since everything would be around you in place!

It would make the experience much more convenient. A perfect backyard oasis!

To Provide An Extra Seating Area

The mixture of the standard pergola with the hot tub means hitting two birds with one stone!

Within the hot tub space area, you can have an extra seating area in your backyard space without taking up any more space!

Even if you aren't using the hot tub, the pergola still provides the essential function of an outdoor living space. More seats and backyard privacy will make the space much more comfortable and inviting to your guests.

The Best Hot Tub Pergola Ideas To Create a Private Oasis - Shrubhub

To Increase Your House's Curb Appeal

Another very practical reason that ties in with all the previous ones! For the same reasons a hot tub pergola is valuable to you, it's also valuable to potential buyers.

The hot tub pergola sets your house apart and increases its value in the market. Making it a worthy investment!

Hot Tub Pergola Tips To Have in Mind

The additional privacy and protection to your hot tub make it a very intriguing idea. And if you're seriously considering it, you should have some aspects in mind to get it right!

The most important of those are:

Clear Drainage Route

With any hot tub comes the aspect of drainage, but especially with a hot tub pergola. You'' eventually need to empty it for cleaning, so you'll need your water drainage valve to be accessible.

An important aspect of this is that water collecting around the tub can erode the ground and cause long-term problems, so the drainage route has to be one of the first things you have in mind and get right.

Make Sure the Ground is Level and Sturdy

For your hot tub, you need to choose the sturdiest, the most level area in your backyard space. Hot tubs, when full, are naturally very heavy, and with the gazebo structure, they will be even heavier.

If you're considering combing the hot tub area with the patio, as amazing an idea as it is, you'll need to make sure your patio can handle the weight first!

The Right Building Material and Hardware

Your building material, especially wood if you're going for a classical wood pergola, and hardware, are going to be in constant contact with heated and chemically treated water. Not all wood is made to handle that!

You'll need to go for wood that has been treated exactly for that. The same for your galvanized hardware.

The Best Hot Tub Pergola Ideas To Create a Private Oasis - Shrubhub

Hot Tub Pergolas and Gazebos Ideas

Now that we have everything covered that you need to consider with hot tubs combined with gazebos, it's time to jump into exciting hot tub pergola ideas that will make this outdoor living space an amazing focal point of your outdoors!

Fully Covered with Fences and Curtains

This straightforward pergola design is the best start! With wood pergola fencing and a pergola roof, you get essential privacy and surrounding seclusion.

Then you can add privacy with curtains to finish the oasis!

Cedar Pergola

A cedar pergola is one of the best ways you could go with a pergola design. The type of wood is stunning but also one of the strongest and most resilient, with the longest lifespan.

It's naturally mildew resistant, leaving little space for rot. It's also pest resistant, meaning it'll naturally repel any insects from your hot tub!

With its natural elements look, it'd also be lovely to combine with greenery for a natural look.

Rustic Wooden Pergola

The aesthetic of rustic wood is undeniably attractive. Combing rustic wood pergolas with hot tubs gives you the most stunning focal point!

You can also get curtains or a privacy screen here to get additional privacy with the pergola roof.

The Best Hot Tub Pergola Ideas To Create a Private Oasis - Shrubhub

Elegant Luxurious Stone Pergola

Or you can go with another classical look: stone! Stone pergola ideas aren't as commonly popular as wood pergola ideas, but there is no reason this should be the case. Stone can be treated the same to handle the particularities of a hot tub, and is sturdy, and long-living.

And the look is absolutely perfect! Stone with greenery adds to your garden an out-of-time look. Making it an outdoor living space you wouldn't want to leave!

Built In Bar

With a pergola roof, fences, and a wooden deck, a built-in bar can make your hot tub even more perfect.

With this, you create a perfect backyard oasis with all the entertaining qualities to host guests and have the time of your life in your backyard space all the time.

Lattice Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are generally the perfect additions to the structures of gazebos or pergolas. But you can make your hot tub gazebo even more aesthetically pleasing by using lattice for your screens.

It does the privacy job well while adding character and style to your structure.

Glass Panels

While glass panels aren't perfect for privacy's sake in creating an enclosed room, they are perfect for other things! If you want one side visible to gaze at the night sky while enjoying your hot tub, then you definitely should install glass panels.

They will enclose the structure, and protect you and the hot tub from wind and the night chill, while still giving you the feeling that you're still out in your garden enjoying the outdoors.

To give yourself flexibility, you can mix it up with curtains to choose when you want an enclosure or not!

The Best Hot Tub Pergola Ideas To Create a Private Oasis - Shrubhub

Integrated lighting

Lighting can make or ruin any mood! Especially with the outdoors. You don't want to put so much into your spa hot tub gazebo only for it to still end up feeling lacking.

Get some integrated lighting in your gazebo or pergola, and add a few touches to set the mood and relax, like string lights!

Pergola With Heater

One of the best hot tub ideas is to have a heater in the pergola structure. It's the perfect addition to make the hot tub more comfortable during the winter.

As you won't have to face the cold in the air while being in the hot tub, and when you come out you can still relax in the warmth of it.

It would be like an outdoor fireplace under the pergola, making it extra cozy and comfortable for your family to hang out there.

Pergola With An Automated Roof

An automated pergola roof is a way to go for maximum luxury and control over your experience. You control whether you want it closed or open every time you relax in your hot tub.

Whether you want seclusion, or want to gaze up at the sky, your experience will be flexible all the time.

Surround It With Natural Elements

You can have a true natural island with your spa surroundings by combing natural greenery with your fences, decks, curtains, and screens.

You can potted plants alongside the wood steps, climbing plants, and climbing vines alongside the walls and fences, while surrounding the pergola with luscious foliage, like evergreen shrubbery, for even extra privacy.

The Best Hot Tub Pergola Ideas To Create a Private Oasis - Shrubhub

Match with Patio Design

To get the perfect overall look in your garden, you can match the design of your hot tub pergola with that of the patio or the deck to make the connections between your outdoor elements have a more natural look that's aesthetically pleasing.

There are very few things that can compete with a hot tub pergola when it comes to your outdoors! However, we understand that this is no easy investment. It's time, money, and effort. And for all of that, it should be done correctly with no space for mistakes.

Once installation starts, it'll be hard to go back on one decision or the other. This is why our 3D depiction of your backyard's new design, at night or day, at shrubhub.com can help you see how exactly the design you have in mind will look after construction. We'll also not leave you alone after the designs as we'll personally recommend the best contractors in your area that will get the job done exactly as you'd have seen it in the 3D display!

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