Most Popular Spring Vegetables to Plant For Your Location

Published: 01/05/2023 | Updated: 07/09/2023

Most Popular Spring Vegetables to Plant For Your Location - Shrubhub

As winter fades away, there's much to look forward to with spring. Most of all, spring vegetables can plant.

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Spring vegetables are varied enough to give you a wide array of choices, depending on your favorite spring vegetables, recipe ideas, and the climate conditions where you live.

The spring vegetables on this list include cold-tolerant and even frost-tolerant and heat-tolerant vegetables.

So whether the spring in your area leans towards cold or warmer weather, you'll find here spring vegetables that will suit you!

This list includes our favorite spring vegetables with which we recommend you start your spring kitchen garden!


Peas should generally be planted in early spring while it's still cool weather in most parts of the united states. That could even mean February.

The great thing about peas is the large variety that all add something or the other to different recipes.

Sugar snap peas, for example, are perfect for spring growing. Sugar snap peas tend to have a sweet flavor that sets them apart from snow peas. They are a cross between garden peas and snow peas.

Technically, they could be planted all year round, but their sweetness is at its peak during spring. Snap peas are perfect for various recipes like stir fry.

You also have pea shoots. They aren't exactly a single type of peas. Instead, they are any peas variety's young leaves, stems, and tendrils. They can be harvested after weeks. and are also perfect for stir fry dishes.

Most Popular Spring Vegetables to Plant For Your Location - Shrubhub

Green Onions

Green onions are a close cousin of onions but with a much milder flavor. You could also go for spring onions.

Green onions are one of the great springtime vegetables. If planted directly after the last frost date, whether that's late winter or early spring depending on how warm your area is, they can be ready for harvest in early summer.

The difference between a spring onion and green onion is very slight, and both could be used interchangeably in recipes.

Whether to eat raw or add as a side dish, green onions are a wonderful addition to your kitchen garden.


Spinach is another great spring vegetable. They don't take very long until they are ready to harvest, so you'd have early spring produce.

Spinach is a perfect addition to pasta dishes, stews, and stir-fries.


It's best to grow broccoli after the last frost date, so starting with March. Broocli likes the full sun and will do best in it, with slightly acidic soil. Poor soil can seriously mess with the taste of the produce.

It's a perfect vegetable to provide your kitchen and meals with. It's high in vitamin C, with many other benefits, and can be cooked in a variety of ways.


Cucumbers are one of those plants that grow quickly with little care. They grow best in warmer weather. But stronger heat can result in a bitter taste.

Most Popular Spring Vegetables to Plant For Your Location - Shrubhub

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is a plant with leafy green leaves similar to spinach in look and taste like mild bitter greens.

It generally has a milder flavor than spinach but can be eaten in a variety of ways, cooked or added raw to salads.

The beets have a subtle sweetness, unlike the mild flavor of the green leaves.

It's full of nutrients and can grow in either partial sun or full sun. However it does best with full sun, so make sure you plant it in a sunny spot.

Cabbage Family

The cabbage family is one of the best types of vegetables you can grow in spring. The family is varied enough that you could have a steady supply of cabbages all year round.


Leeks require a longer growing season than most, so start seedlings indoors and move them outside at the beginning of the spring months.

They are perfect spring vegetables. They are from the onion/allium family but are distinct from spring onions.

Wild leeks are also equally perfect. They have a closer strength of flavor to onions, with a distinctly oniony garlicky flavor.

Wild leeks, spring onions, and regular leeks are three different things, but all great for your salads and vegetable garden.


Tomato needs warmer weather than most of the other vegetables on the list. Plant seedlings outside in March and April.

Most Popular Spring Vegetables to Plant For Your Location - Shrubhub


Not only delicious and versatile in many dishes but eggplants also add aesthetic value to your garden when they are growing.

They aren't tolerant of frost, so start them inside until late spring after the last frost date.

Spring Radishes

Radishes can be planted weeks before the last frost date. They do best in a sunny spot.

And they are ready to harvest in three to wife weeks, making them some of the first spring vegetables you can eat.

They can be heated raw, added to salads, or roasted with olive oil.


Carrots grow best in spring and fall. They don't tolerate heat weather, so plant in early spring for an early summer harvest.

For baby carrots, you can harvest them after 14-21 days!

Rhubarb Plant

Rhubarb is an exciting vegetable on this list. It should be planted in early spring.

As a food, it has a tart flavor, and its distinct pink color is used in food styling.

Most Popular Spring Vegetables to Plant For Your Location - Shrubhub


Asparagus can usually be found year-round, but to get it fresh from your garden, spring is your best bet.

Asparagus is a great variety of food that can be prepared in a variety of ways, with spinach or with lemon juice (lemon zest brings the best out of it), it's a great perennial plant to depend on for seasonal produce.

Asparagus is full of beta-carotene, vitamin C, and fiber, so it should be included in your meals.


Beans are some of the most fun you can have in your garden. There is a large variety of beans, which are all delicious in different ways.

Fava beans are perfect for your spring garden. Also called broad beans, they have a creamy texture and flavor similar to peas.

Fresh fava beans are also not easy to come across year-round. So it'd be good for you to plant it in your garden.


With potatoes, you can harvest in spring as well. When you harvest fresh and small potatoes, they have a sweet flavor that makes the 'new potatoes' perfect for potato salads.

They would be perfect with fresh greenery, like spinach, herbs, and some oil.

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn takes up a lot of space in the garden. You should plant them in blocks in early spring. But they are a definite must!

Most Popular Spring Vegetables to Plant For Your Location - Shrubhub


Zucchini is another summer vegetable that is worth planting in your garden. You should take it outside around the ultimate frost date.

You'd be able to harvest by summer and take them to the farmers market if you want!


Seeds can be sown in the soil once it warms in late spring. If you plant them in spring, you might have a lovely tour own harvest by Christmas to make heart soups of.

Maybe even by Halloween!


Technically not a vegetable, but what is a vegetable garden without herbs?

A good supply of fresh herbs with your vegetables is exactly what your kitchen will need.

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