ShrubHub’s Top Backyard Shed Ideas for an Amazing Makeover

Published: 25/01/2023 | Updated: 19/04/2023

ShrubHub’s Top Backyard Shed Ideas for an Amazing Makeover - Shrubhub

There’s no better way to magically create an extra living space out of nowhere than by fashioning your backyard shed!

ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry. ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry.

What is truly amazing about having a garden shed is that you could design it in the most personalized manner.

In other words, a backyard shed that is specifically designed for your outdoor space will not only serve as a charming focal point and flawlessly match its surroundings (as if it has been there the whole time), but it will turn into the shed of your dreams, functionality-wise.

Stepping into your outdoor space, instead of peacefully walking around or casually relaxing outdoors, you find your eyes inundated with noise! A garden fork lying here and a tossed rake there, you always bump into various gardening tools. Wherever you step, there’s this one thing out of place.

However, when wondering where this tool should go, your mind just freezes (simply because these tools are somehow homeless).

Well, this is when a potting shed, that doubles as a basic storage shed, comes in handy. This is how you get to enjoy a properly organized set-up and a well-manicured garden all day long!

Want your backyard to pursue a higher purpose? No problem!

ShrubHub’s Top Backyard Shed Ideas for an Amazing Makeover - Shrubhub

No matter if you are looking for a space to tinker away on projects, a retreat where you leave your worries behind, an art studio to unleash your artistic powers, or even a stylish mini guest house; a garden shed is the way to go!

Given that a shed garden can be designed in various ways, you might feel a bit puzzled by now as to where and how to start. That’s why ShrubHub put together the following backyard shed design ideas to help you convert your space into a functional yet charmingly glamorous abode.

Build a Private Reading Nook

Once you open that book cover, you instantly tap into a whole new life.

You embark on a captivating journey where you get to experience the lives of oodles of characters. One day you are solving a murder mystery and the next day you are tied up in a spellbinding romance, falling head over heels and feeling your heart while being smashed into smithereens.

Detached from your vexing life, your book is your ticket to a parallel universe where you escape the real, get acquainted with tons of people, and explore what it’s like to rise beyond the ordinary.

Summon up a laid-back look that’s also full of vibrancy by creating your reading shed!

If you have a tiny bedroom with no room for a reading corner, or even if you have your heart set on building your private sanctuary, curate a reading shed with an all-embracing style.

Envision a cozy, small shed embraced by raised garden beds.

Adorned from the inside with a swing chair, a library to grab your next read, and a faux fireplace with some candles, this woodshed adds a dollop of warmth and intimacy to your space.

Design a Mini Guest House

How many times have you imagined having a guest house right next to your place, where you could elegantly walk your guests down your garden pathway to spend a memorable, lovely night?

This is when you caught yourself thinking “who am I kidding! I can never afford this luxurious addition. We’ll just have to put up with our guests and enjoy the invasion of privacy”.

Just when you thought that (literally) nothing could breathe life into your posh dream, this simple garden shed came along!

Looking for a tiny house design that will knock your guests’ socks off? Think wood siding exterior, glass double doors, window boxes on both sides, and an elegant tree swing for a homey touch.

As for the interior design, go for an airy, bright design. Paint the shed walls white or cream color. And to dodge the monotony of the walls, hang up some wall paintings or throw in a pop of color with some cushions and a cozy duvet.

Now you have a little oasis tucked into the trees!

ShrubHub’s Top Backyard Shed Ideas for an Amazing Makeover - Shrubhub
Go for a Shed Office

Before 2020, no one would have believed that almost the entire world’s population will be working from the comfort of their homes. It has always been a figment of every employee’s imagination!

Enter the pandemic. And ever since, the entire concept of “work” has changed.

Let’s draw a picture of a working-from-home employee for the sake of the example:

Casually sitting on your couch with your pajamas on, you have your laptop placed on your lap (obviously by the name of it, this is how the inventors intended it). Your kids are jumping all over your-now work office, and your partner is telling you the story of the mayor’s recent scandal.

It’s clear as a bell that your productivity will be: zero!

The good news? Nothing makes the challenging task of working from home more enjoyable than a shed office. Just a few steps away from your home, a home office gives you the space you need to get creative, be productive, and (most importantly) put the commute to an end!

To make your home office dream a living reality, you can build a DIY backyard office (if you know your way around a hammer and possibly other tools), buy a home office shed online, or hire a contractor for the custom-built version to avoid breaking every part in your body in the process!

ShrubHub’s Top Backyard Shed Ideas for an Amazing Makeover - Shrubhub

Fashion a Much-needed Playroom Shed

It’s no secret that kids innately master the skills necessary to turn your home into an absolute mess! Plus, you find it impossible (daily) to seriously limit their playing to a certain area.

With all the chaos aside, playing is essential for your kids’ growth. It introduces them to physical and cognitive experiences. That’s why you have to make sure you provide them with the space they need to explore the world around them.

If you are looking for a safe and secure environment for your kids to get creative, noisy, messy, or rowdy, a playroom shed does the trick!

Gift your kids ample space to let their imaginations run wild. Rest assured that your home is well-groomed all day with no toys being strewn all over your place or walls turned into your kids’ art pieces.

To build a playroom shed with an appealing design for your kids, go bold! What will either make or break your playroom shed is the paint! Believe it or not, if the shed is painted in dull, uninviting colors, your kids will most certainly avoid playing in there. It simply doesn’t match their level of creativity.

So, paint your playroom shed in attractive, bright colors, place a chalkboard as an art station to help them unleash their inner artists, and complete your shed with jigsaws, toys, and games that not only entertain them but also nurture their little minds.

ShrubHub’s Top Backyard Shed Ideas for an Amazing Makeover - Shrubhub

Add Unmistaken Charm to Your Garden

Gone are the days when garden sheds were exclusively defined as storage units.

On the contrary, your backyard shed is an empty canvas, where you freely let your creative side loose and fashion the space of your dreams!

No matter if you build a greenhouse shed to preserve your dearest plants, a secluded sanctuary with an all-glass design to let natural light in, or a home gym where you become as fit as a fiddle, a garden shed goes every way you desire.

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