Rooftop Garden Ideas - Ultimate Guide for An Outdoor Space "Facelift"

Published: 19/12/2023 | Updated: 19/12/2023

Rooftop Garden Ideas - Ultimate Guide for An Outdoor Space "Facelift" - Shrubhub

If your rooftop were to speak, what would it say about itself? Would it be something like: “I am a crown jewel and a treat for the visitors’ eyes”, or “I have lost my self-esteem over the years because I am neglected most of the time!”. You will certainly know if your rooftop has been feeling down lately. 

ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry. ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry.

No need to turn a blind eye to your rooftop anymore; instead, make it the talk of the town. Every neighborhood boasts this show-stopping rooftop terrace; it most certainly shines brighter than its neighboring properties. This rooftop garden could be yours! 

How would you describe the focal point of your favorite roof garden? Is it a fire pit where you could curl up with your family and friends for S’mores and hot chocolate, a hot tub that creates a sanctuary for relaxation and a year-round entertainment spot, a kid-friendly zone where your little ones forge their memories, or a private reading nook where you melt your stresses away? 

Innovative landscape design ideas open up a world of possibilities, offering every homeowner a chance to revamp their outdoor space in harmony with their style, character, and overall theme.

Without further ado, a rooftop garden design is a next-level idea that gives city dwellers the luxury of intertwining their spirits with natural sights.

Not only will you fashion a scenic landscape complemented by a one-in-a-million open view, but you will still experience the unique features of owning a yard. Even more, unlike a traditional backyard, rooftop gardens -nestled amid clouds- offer you direct sun, improved air quality, a picturesque scene, and a break from weeds.

Rooftop Garden Ideas - Ultimate Guide for An Outdoor Space "Facelift" - Shrubhub

To revel in the soothing sights of nature and a starry night right above your head, take a tour of the following stylish rooftop garden design ideas to inspire your next makeover:

Design an Outdoor Living Room

With pragmatic and aesthetic characteristics in mind, a roof terrace seating area should be a smooth extension of your indoor space. What could be more inviting than cozy outdoor sofas that scream “forget about indoors”?

Adding simple touches like comfy cushions brings a new sense of restfulness without sacrificing style. Every cushion pattern creates a unique theme of its own. You can either go down the route of serenity by opting for the soothing shades of teal or make a bold statement in your green roof with a rather vivid color as orange.

When it comes to Choosing long-lasting furniture and durable fabrics is key to maintaining a welcoming environment for as long as you wish when it comes to your outdoor room

Walk into the Wilderness

Nothing says freedom and spontaneity like the wilderness. Do you find the modern roof gardens’ design to be rather minimal, dreary, and somewhat flat? Then, a wild, give-back-to-nature design must tickle your fancy.

Adorning your rooftop garden with free-spirited plants gives you a chance to show off your wild personality and exceptional style. Although you live in the heart of a fast-paced city, your forest-inspired green roof takes you on a gripping journey to explore the secrets of the wilderness.

To fully experience the charm of the wilderness, make your green space a welcoming home for bees, birds, and butterflies. Not only will you revel in their colorful beauty but also enjoy their flattering songs!

Rooftop Garden Ideas - Ultimate Guide for An Outdoor Space "Facelift" - Shrubhub
Build a Private Retreat

A stylish rooftop garden doesn’t necessarily mean an exposed outdoor space. While some might enjoy the whole notion of being in the open, others favor the serenity of a secluded oasis. 

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a rooftop with a great view. Some properties even have a view that happens to be an eyesore for its owners. In this case, a private rooftop garden is one of the greatest ways to honor your outdoor space, make the most out of your roof, and build your favorite escapism. 

Envision a rooftop enveloped by all sorts of greenery, equipped with homely furniture, and glowed up by its cheerful atmosphere in the mornings and warm setting in the evenings. 

To pull this private retreat off, build raised beds, grow vines and shrubs, and install a shade sail to fully shut out those burning with curiosity. A green screen on a rooftop garden is a brilliant way to escape the frenzied life of the city by losing yourself in the beauty of nature right in your place. 

Go for the Vertical Space for a Change

Fast-paced and overcrowded, cities are designed for practical and not-so-much aesthetic reasons. Living in an extremely limited space, you must think tiny green roofs can never be as pretty as yards.

Once you place your favorite, comfy furniture; you might feel disappointed because there’s no room for nature to give this outdoor space the glow-up it deserves and separate it from the adjacent concrete structures.

While a small rooftop is certainly challenging, you can still create a verdant retreat and enjoy nonstop color throughout the year! All you need to do is tap into the vertical space to own a living roof.

As surprising as this sounds, your rooftop walls can be brought to life. Instead of being enclosed by empty, bland walls, opt for rooftop gardening and transform them into living works of art, adorning them with vertical gardens.

Easy to maintain and grow, vertical gardens are a great option for even those with the blackest of thumbs. Not only will you take pleasure in a beautiful green sight but also enjoy the fact that you grow your food.

Rooftop Garden Ideas - Ultimate Guide for An Outdoor Space "Facelift" - Shrubhub

Invest in Rooftop Lighting

What can be more enchanting than twinkling warm lights adorning your rooftop along with shiny stars? Designing your rooftop lighting calls for blending it with the surrounding theme of your outdoor space to finally offer you a meditative spot for you and your family.

Useful, efficient, and artistic; rooftop lighting enhances the natural beauty of your abode, provides you with a sense of security, and creates a homely, pleasant atmosphere that never fails to encourage you to spend even more time outdoors.

Once you get past the wonder that rooftop lighting brilliantly elevates your outdoor space, explore the various lighting styles that can go smoothly with your outdoor vibe.

If you cannot take pleasure in your rooftop’s beauty in the evenings, then why bother to revamp it in the first place?

No matter if you opt for subtle lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting, or accent lighting; you will create in your rooftop garden the ambiance of a resort, casting an ethereal spell onto it.

Add a Focal Point to Your Rooftop Garden

In a landscape design, a focal point guides visitors’ attention toward a certain spot. Luckily, you are the one to decide where your guests should look once they step into your rooftop garden.

Featuring eye-catching movements and pleasing sounds, rooftop garden fountains not only grab your visitors’ attention but also play the role of grabbing your visitors’ attention anded into the surrounding nature. Installed amid your favorite ground covers, a rooftop fountain is a remarkable architectural feature that helps you build a calming oasis.

Lend a more natural look to the entire rooftop by placing a tall tree to take center stage. To jazz it up, even more, light it up with a spot or string lights for a warm setting.

Rooftop Garden Ideas - Ultimate Guide for An Outdoor Space "Facelift" - Shrubhub


Living in the heart of a high-bustling city, where keeping a connection with nature is challenging, you shouldn’t settle for such a limited space.

Wondering what you could do to enjoy nature without having to move out? Plan your outdoor space in a way that offers you everything you could ever wish to have in a yard.

Believe it or not, rooftop gardens are the new backyards nowadays. With a cohesive theme and transportive greenery, that spread of dirt will magically transform into your favorite outdoor retreat.

The key to a healthy, safe green roof is to know how much weight your roof can hold; in other words, how many pounds per square foot.

No matter if you fancy a modern, sleek landscape design, a middle ground in the form of a contemporary garden, or a classical approach to the entire rooftop; there’s always an innovative solution and a comprehensive design that go hand in hand with your vision, goals, and personality.

To enjoy your rooftop garden with your family and friends soon enough, don’t hesitate to contact our professional designers for a cost-effective rooftop garden design.



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