Poolside Landscaping Ideas For a Stunning Garden Focal Point

Published: 17/01/2023 | Updated: 03/06/2023

Poolside Landscaping Ideas For a Stunning Garden Focal Point - Shrubhub

What you do with your pool's surrounding area can elevate your investment and turn it into the centerpiece of your yard!

ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry. ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry.

Whether you have an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, there are several ways to make your area safer and more enjoyable for you and your family.

It’s essential to select plants and features that complement your pool and fit your lifestyle. 

Let's review some of the best poolside landscaping ideas to inspire you and help you make the right picks.

Best Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

1. Light Up Your Swimming Pool

If you enjoy peaceful night dips, In-pool lights will be a great idea to consider!

Pool lights offer safety, and luxury, and allow you to set the mood for any occasion, from a romantic evening to an exciting pool party.

There are a handful of options to consider when planning pool lighting. To narrow down your options, consider the conditions of your pool, such as its size, depth, and type.

LED lights make a fantastic choice because of their diversity and durability.

Poolside Landscaping Ideas For a Stunning Garden Focal Point - Shrubhub

2. Create Simple Luxury with Poolside Living areas

Having a beautiful outdoor living space is already a luxury that many homeowners strive for; what if you could double that luxurious impact?

Pool owners have the perfect opportunity to create waterside seating and hangout areas for refreshing evening gatherings and amazing pool parties!

Almost any element you place near your pool will work well and bring excellent value, whether it is a kitchen island, a dining area, or a fire pit seating area.

A pergola or similar structure with attached string lights over your entertainment area will give the impression and function of a poolhouse and provide protection and an elegant appearance.

3. Enjoy Private Times

Your yard will feel exposed without privacy, which can detract from your outdoor living experience and make your time spent outside less comfortable.

If you're not ready for a pool fence, consider privacy evergreens and layered landscape.

Using shrubs and trees as privacy elements provides the required screening while maintaining a soft natural look and blending in with the rest of your landscape.

4. Bring in a Warm Ambiance

Fire bowls and custom fire features are ideal for introducing natural warmth and light to your pool area.

They add an eye-catching decorative element that draws attention to your swimming pool.

If you're seeking functionality and budget efficiency, consider getting a fire pit.

A poolside fire pit is a wonderful addition since it creates the perfect atmosphere for gathering while brightening up the space around your pool.

Poolside Landscaping Ideas For a Stunning Garden Focal Point - Shrubhub

5. Sunbathing Pool Deck

Incorporating a raised floating deck on one side of the pool will create the illusion of multiple yard sections making your space feel larger.

The color and texture contrast between the wood and pool hardscape will also create an eye-catching element.

This simple poolside addition can be used as a sunbathing platform with lounging chairs, a hangout spot with additional seating, or even a relaxing dining area by the water.

6. Bug-Free Pool Area

Maintain a clean pool to ensure an enjoyable environment free of mosquitos and other bugs.

If mosquitos are a general issue in your yard, you might want to consider a more permanent solution.

While a pool enclosure is considered a significant investment, a screened-in pool is an excellent way to create a peaceful environment free of bugs and other outside influences.

You can also plant a herb garden or scatter bug-repelling plants throughout your garden beds to further help with the problem.

7. Flower Bed Borders

If a bit of maintenance doesn't phase you, surround your pool with flowers! Colorful and fragrant blooms on your pool's borders will grant you an immersive personal oasis experience.

Poolside Landscaping Ideas For a Stunning Garden Focal Point - Shrubhub

8. Mix Different Materials for Texture Interest

Instead of regular concrete, choose pavers with other material breaks in between for pool hardscape.

Grass or turf between pavers provides both modern simplicity and texture variation for an effortlessly unique space.

9. Create a Personal Resort with Tropical plants

With a little planning, any homeowner can recreate their favorite holiday attractions in their outdoor space.

In-ground pools make perfect centerpieces for resort-style layouts.

To replicate the lushness of a resort at home, consider layering big-leafed tropical plants and palm trees around your pool area.

This will not only keep your yard private and naturally secluded, making it a personal oasis, but it will also provide endless visual charm.

Tropical plants and palms to consider:

1. Liriope

2. Cordylines

3. Golden Cane Palm

4. Birds of Paradise

Poolside Landscaping Ideas For a Stunning Garden Focal Point - Shrubhub

10. Dazzling and Low-Maintenance 

We always look for the showiest plants with the least amount of upkeep and the highest monetary value.

Ornamental grasses check all of these boxes! Grasses are affordable and provide a lot of texture and color variation to make your poolside stand out without a ton of care.

Poolside Landscaping FAQ

Before we send you on your way, take a look at these frequently asked pool landscaping questions.

Q. Can I use Grass Around A Pool?

We recommend using artificial turf instead of natural grass for areas around the pool. This ensures durability and ease of maintenance.

Using artificial grass around the pool as an alternative to hardscape surfaces reduces slip incidents and provides a more excellent surface to step onto during hot summer days.

On top of all that, the green grass contrasts beautifully with the pool, creating a visually appealing environment.

Q. What Are Budget-Friendly Ways to Landscape around the pool?

If you're on a tight budget, focus on the essentials while incorporating natural alternatives to necessary structures.

Instead of fencing, go for natural privacy using textured plant layers and shrubs.

Create simple planting beds with ornamental grasses for visual appeal.

A rock garden with a few low-maintenance plants is a beautiful, simple, and affordable landscaping setup.

Lighting is also great for an effortless mood lift; go for simple string lights over an area nearby your pool to enjoy your space any time of the day.

Poolside Landscaping Ideas For a Stunning Garden Focal Point - Shrubhub

Q. Is It Okay to Use Evergreens in Poolside Landscaping?

Yes! As we briefly mentioned, evergreens are great natural components for privacy and shade.

To make good picks you'll have to consider your site (location and available space) and the needed function of evergreens in the space you want them.

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