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Published: 11/10/2022 | Updated: 29/03/2023

 Outdoor Patio Ideas - Shrubhub

For the last 2 years, we all have gotten pretty comfortable being inside and outside our houses. Now while this may have given us some more time to relax it also gave us the rare opportunity to really notice how our outdoor spaces were looking and it may have led to some thinking!

ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry. ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry.

If the thought of light renovation or even a complete makeover came to mind, you are certainly not alone. Whether the outdoor living space that has been taking over your thoughts was your backyard patio, poolside patio, or front yard patio space we have some solutions that may just be the answer you've been looking for.

Doing a complete makeover might be more than what you need or just doesn't fit the budget right now which is why we've come up with some refreshing outdoor patio ideas that can spruce up any outdoor space and help you extend that gorgeous interior design all the way outside!

Your home may be warm, cozy, spacious, modern, traditional, or a plethora of other aesthetics on the inside yet completely lack that on the out. We always tend to forget that no matter how important the inside of our homes can be, the outside is where it all starts. Where we say our sweetest hellos and saddest goodbyes, where we first set sight of our homes, and where the extension of us begins.

It's never too late to turn your small or large front yard from rags to riches! So let's get started with some patio design ideas.

Plants, Plants & More Plants

 Outdoor Patio Ideas - Shrubhub

Nature is one of the very things on this earth we can never get enough of and the beauty of it is that regardless of your climate there are plants dedicated to you which is exactly why those luscious plants should be outside your home right now!

We know you may not have time for high-maintenance plants which is why Shrubhub does all the research for you and chooses the perfect plants for your climate so you can always stay gorgeous and low maintenance.

One great tip to use when searching for the perfect plant is to check out the USDA hardiness scale to find out your climate zone. Once you get that knocked out, finding your perfect plant is a lot easier than you might think!

Plants come in endless shapes, sizes, colors, and maintenance levels. Orange and red-tone plants can help bring a beautiful warm contrast to your yard. Cooler-toned plants like violets and blues can help cool down the look. It's all about what you prefer, and you'll always find something to fit you when it comes to plants!

If you have a small space or small patio but still want to incorporate plants, hanging gardens can be a stunning addition to add! Throw some succulents or perennials into the mix to match your personal style and your patio will be the focal point of the neighborhood!

Walkways & Pavers

 Outdoor Patio Ideas - Shrubhub

A lot of the time when we purchase new houses the entrance and walkways are always a drag. Super basic, ugly concrete that's either worn down or dirty and regardless of how much you do to your front yard it will just always be an eyesore. Which is why investing in quality good walkways and pavers to lead to your front door is essential. You won't have your guest jumping over the grass and it'll help you prevent tracking mud into the house when it rains.

Walkways and pavers are so simple, yet they can make or break your front yard which is why we would recommend 100% you take a look at some options that suit your aesthetic the best. Not to mention there are hundreds on hundreds of options to choose from. Getting black concrete pavers can complement a more modern patio versus going for a blue and white palette for a more Mediterranean styled home or you could go for a classic, timeless design like stone pavers. Endless options, endless possibilities, and gorgeous designs almost every time.


 Outdoor Patio Ideas - Shrubhub

Sometimes we absolutely fall in love with a house that is just a little bit too close to the main road, or maybe we just prefer a little extra privacy around our front doors, regardless of who you are we can all agree nothing is wrong with a little bit of privacy here and there and when it comes to privacy you have a million and one options.

There are so many ways to get some privacy, so we'll make sure to give you guys an entire article dedicated to it, stay tuned!

Patio Furniture

 Outdoor Patio Ideas - Shrubhub

Nothing beats curling up on your patio after a long day watching the sunset, now imagine curling up on your patio and feeling a warmth wash over you knowing this cozy space was made especially for you, by you.

Patio furniture often doesn't get the credit it deserves, and most people opt for the very typical, boring, colorless couches and chairs. It's time to take a look at those modernized, vibrant lounge chairs and maybe throw in a striped rug!

Let's dive into some of the basics when it comes to designing your patio space:


 Outdoor Patio Ideas - Shrubhub

Do you ever get the feeling that something is missing in your outdoor space? Maybe the space feel is just a bit off? Well, we may have the answer you've been looking for! One word, Hardscapes.

People often forget the small luxuries that are hardscapes. Far away from the basic pavers and walkways, there's more. There's a quaint water feature inviting dragonflies and hummingbirds to the cozy fire pit that all the kids can't wait to run to and curl up under. Hardscapes help brings any outdoor space together.

Hardscapes is more of a general term, but there really are so many, let's discuss a few.

Get it Done with Shrubhub!

We know it can be super overwhelming to design your yard or patio space. The ideas can get all jumbled up and it can get a lot harder to visualize what the outcome will look like plus getting a designer can charge a fortune (Some charge upwards of $2000!), and all these small complications can end up dealing with your project indefinitely! Now, what if there was a solution with full access to your own design that can provide you with a complete 3D design with all the variations you can imagine with a full plant legend for just $300? Say hello to Shrubhub!

Shrubhub provides each and every customer with their own project manager and designer to work with them closely on creating a space they are obsessed with all online from the comfort of their own home! Try out different designs and placements and even listen to recommendations! From landscaping to hardscaping, Shrubhub covers it all! Not to mention you get a free consultation call with a money back guarantee! Check them out now for a limited 70% off discount!

Find out more about it here: ShrubHub.com



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