Outdoor Design: The Hottest Garden Trends

Published: 09/11/2022 | Updated: 29/03/2023

Outdoor Design: The Hottest Garden Trends - Shrubhub

It is a well-known fact that being outside and connecting with nature is essential to mental and physical well-being.

ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry. ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry.

As a homeowner, you have the chance to make your own nest of relaxation and time out using your outdoor space.

Our landscape design experts at ShrubHub are constantly looking to introduce the best ideas to inspire functional and beautiful outdoor spaces.

We believe that no matter what current trends are in the spotlight, the key to making a beautiful garden is choosing appealing elements since these will get you outside.

But since everyone needs inspiration and exposure to different ideas to know what they find more appealing, here, we are covering some of the garden trends and ideas that have been in style in recent years.

Blending your garden design with nature

Something you can do to expand your garden beyond your property lines is to blend it in with the natural scene!

Choosing native plants, and pollinators and matching the surrounding natural scene will not only make your yard feel much more open but is also a way to secure soil health and be environmentally friendly!

Planting the right flowering plants will not only add color and life to your garden but will also make it a home for wildlife as butterflies and hummingbirds will invite themselves in.

Attracting wildlife further emphasizes that harmonizing flow between your garden and the natural world around it.

Outdoor Design: The Hottest Garden Trends - Shrubhub

Indoor-outdoor flow

outdoor living areas are always in trend! Create a patio area for socializing, you can think of it as an additional garden room.

To ensure that flow from indoors to outdoors, make sure your patio has both elements.

Indoor elements are things like patio furniture, couches, and chairs. you can go the extra mile and add a TV for entertainment.

Outdoor elements you can incorporate in your patio space can be planters at the edge of your patio and potted plant flowers.

You can get creative and add hanging baskets or a vertical garden to a wall for a natural visual interest.

Color harmony

Color harmony is one of the top garden trends you can go by. Choosing a certain color palette to work with and going for colors similar to the ones in an indoor area leading to your garden will give you a harmonious indoor-outdoor flow.  

Matching chair cushions colors to a potted plant or a carpet to a door in your patio area will give you that effortless organized finish. 

We love drawing inspiration from nature with our color choices. One of our clients was very happy with the color palette presented and called it her Sunset Garden.  

For a specific area, you can go for plants that bloom blues, bright yellows, and pinks for a sunrise palette or deep purples along with blues and pinks with hints of orange and deep yellows for a sunset palette. 

No matter what colors you choose to work with or how you choose to incorporate them, sticking with a certain palette is granted to give you an effortless sense of organization and harmony.

Outdoor Design: The Hottest Garden Trends - Shrubhub

Texture interest

We always recommend using multiple plants with different textures to create a layered look. This tends to give a lot of visual interest to a planting area whether in planting beds or on the ground.

Wooden accents

Another trendy idea that gives yards a natural feel is the use of wooden accents.

A trellis with climbing plants to create living walls or a small wooden deck for lounging or yoga practice in a corner of your garden will do the trick.

Something a lot of homeowners have been showing interest in recently is garden swings with a decorative roof piece. this is a relaxing element that checks both functionality and aesthetic boxes.

Mixing materials

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in mixing materials whether in hardscape or softscape.

A trend we've been recommending a lot is using disconnected pavers with different material breaks in between like grass, turf, ground cover, or smaller rocks and pebbles.

This can be used when creating pathways between different areas in your garden or as an additional hardscape area for garden loungers or swings.

Natural breaks

Using mulch and pebbles as flooring bases for planting areas or as breaks from one planting area to another will make your planting areas defined and will give them a sleek but natural finish.

Outdoor Design: The Hottest Garden Trends - Shrubhub


Gardening never goes out of style! Caring for your plants is a great hobby that will give you your own mind space and a sense of fulfillment.

With climate change and environmental issues, choosing to be sustainable is the best thing you can do when creating your garden.

You can do that by opting for low water use and native plants this will also make your garden on the low maintenance end so you're practicing gardening without spending too much time maintaining plants.

Small space gardening

Our garden experts have been recommending using smaller spaces in your yard for container or pot gardening, this way, you can make use of wasted smaller spaces.

This can be done through balconies, second-story decks, and irregularly shaped corners in your yard.

Vegetable gardens

Dedicate a space in your yard for a vegetable garden. Using raised beds to grow vegetables encourages sustainability and the hobby of gardening.

You can grow your own food while having a personal project you can bond with family over.

Outdoor Design: The Hottest Garden Trends - Shrubhub

Water features

Water features are a very attractive garden addition, they encourage wildlife and help improve the air quality.

Creating a zen garden with a variety of plants and a small water feature for a relaxing sound will give you your own nook of comfort.

With a few chairs, a yoga mat, or an outdoor working station, you can have your own space to unwind or increase productivity.

Cutting back lawn

Regarding gardening trends, the natural wild approach is making a big appearance in recent years.

replacing lawns with flowering ground covers or more landscaping won't only give you that natural look but will also cut back on maintenance and water use.

So, you'll be trendy, and sustainable and you'll save money on water bills.

Get the best landscape design advice

It's important to have professional direction when working on your garden to ensure you're making the right decisions.

With the recent rising demand for yard design and work, it has become quite a hassle to get professional landscape advice.

Luckily technology enabled us to have completely remote services and our landscape design service is exactly that.

With Shrubhub, you can work directly with your garden designer to get creative yard ideas and guidance as to what works in your region and fulfills your garden dreams!

We provide you with your garden layout in 2D and 3D visuals along with detailed legends of all recommended plants and materials so you can start creating a beautiful space with curb appeal and increased interest.

Visit shrubhub.com and get linked with your own landscape designer.



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