Make Your Home Stand Out with These Ranch House Landscaping Ideas!

Published: 12/01/2023 | Updated: 13/05/2023

 Make Your Home Stand Out with These Ranch House Landscaping Ideas! - Shrubhub

Ranch homes are simple-structured and unique. But will they stand out amongst surrounding neighborhood homes?

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Ranch-style Homes' Exterior

Ranch style is a residential design approach.

Homes of this style are usually one-story, low-built, and spread out along a wide stretch of land.

This architectural style, aboriginal to the US, used to have a one-track approach; with home designs very similar to one another.

Ranch style can now be merged with other architectural approaches to create a completely different feel with each design layout.

Ranch houses can easily feel concealed or lost within the surrounding scenery due to their low-built nature.

Luckily, on the other end of the spectrum, the simple layout and cooperative character of the ranch style has the power to make these style homes favorably attractive and effortlessly luxurious.

In this article, we're sharing some of the best design ideas and tips to elevate your ranch-style home.

 Make Your Home Stand Out with These Ranch House Landscaping Ideas! - Shrubhub

Level Up Your Home's Exterior

Your home's exterior takes on the responsibility of general attractiveness and curb appeal. Here are small and affordable adjustments with a huge impact that will give your exterior a helping hand.

1. Attractive Window Planters

A prime example of little adjustments with big effects is window flower boxes.

These little additions leisurely make your home look more friendly, well-cared-for, and inviting.

They're also very simple, available in plenty of styles, and super DIY-friendly.

2. Give Shutters and wooden Accents A Try

A simple way to add character to your home's exterior is by implementing wooden accents using elements like shutters, frames, and trims.

Add a wooden trim above your front yard windows or front door to give them more visual charm and make them stand out.

Window shutters are also ideal if you're looking to refresh your home's exterior as they give your windows a character and make them more stylish.

You can even go the extra mile and paint these accent additions a darker shade to contrast with the color of the house.

 Make Your Home Stand Out with These Ranch House Landscaping Ideas! - Shrubhub

Employ The Ranch Style Flexibility

The structure of a ranch house definitely plays a bigger part in setting the style, though, with a color change and a decorative accent wall/ facade you can alter the design of your ranch-style house.

Create Visual Breaks

The main goal here is to create points of interest and depth so your yard isn't one flat stretch. Break up your yard into various sections with different plants or design elements, consider one of the following.

1. Address wall

A wooden address wall with decorative landscaping is an elegant look suitable for almost all domestic styles. The wall design catches the eye giving it time to take in all the different parts of the landscape layout.

Pair this with a landscape spotlight shining up on your address and your home will be a joy to drive up to!

2. Raised Landscape

Instead of planting directly into the ground, try creating a stone planter.

The look of the stone pairs perfectly with the ranch style and your plants will be more organized and easier to maintain in flower beds.

If you have a stone wall/ column, it's best to stick to the same type and color of stone for uniformity.

 Make Your Home Stand Out with These Ranch House Landscaping Ideas! - Shrubhub

3. See-Through Fences

A see-through fence serves a similar function to address and accent walls.

The short fence provides vertical height interest and the see-through effect gets the eye curious to catch a view of the landscape beyond it.

You can take this one an extra step by growing vines along the fence or making a flowering plant arrangement around it.

Play with Color and Texture

Mixing textures and colors is the way to go when working with a flat space.

Well-contrasting colors and material consistencies should give your space the vividness it's lacking.

If you're working with a larger space or a modern landscape layout, try creating color-texture contrast using dark mulch and light-colored stones or pebbles.

A light mulch-gravel combo mixed in with the lawn and landscape will be best for highlighting and brightening up smaller spaces.

Bring Out Your Home's Entry

With the flat design of a ranch home, it's easy for your home's front entrance to feel undefined.

It might even take first-time visitors a minute to find your front door. Here are two ways to make your front entryway pop.

 Make Your Home Stand Out with These Ranch House Landscaping Ideas! - Shrubhub

1. Guide Visitors to Your Home's Entry

A walkway is a critical element for your ranch home's front yard.

It can transform the front of a house making it look well-planned and professionally finished.

A front walkway will guide your guests away from the lawn and directly to your front door.

Try maxing this concept with the visual breaks approach by using concrete slabs or pavers with other material breaks such as pebbles or turf in between.

2. Highlight Your Front Door

There are several ways that can bring out and highlight a front door, the most popular and affordable one is a fresh paint job.

Paint your front door or your door's frame a bold color to drift attention directly to it.

But if you're looking for a more dramatic effect, try adding architectural interest with molds, columns, or even awnings and wooden structures.

Invite Informality

An informal, natural landscaping layout makes a perfect match for a ranch house.

This low-maintenance approach celebrates using native plants and ornamental grasses in different heights and textures, bringing a natural factor to your home's exterior.

 Make Your Home Stand Out with These Ranch House Landscaping Ideas! - Shrubhub

Create Curves

Large trees and clutters of plants will further hide your ranch house.

Instead, try using curves strategically so you're framing or shifting attention to the best features of your home.

Work with different heights and textures of plants to give your space more dimension and contrast.

Use colorful flowers to add interest around low windows and nearing your front door.

Ranch House Q and A

How Can I Modernize A Ranch-Style Home?

Modern style is more minimalist and function-based.

To modernize a house from the visual aspect, work with limited dark and muted colors. A simple white and black palette is ideal in this case.

Here are some other elements to consider.

1. Create a front porch A simple front patio with a conversation set will take your front yard a long way.

2. Add a walkway Stick to straight lines and regular geometric shapes to achieve a clean-cut modern look.

3. Ornamental fencing Decorative horizontal fencing will outline your outdoor space and bring in a contemporary feel.

 Make Your Home Stand Out with These Ranch House Landscaping Ideas! - Shrubhub

What Are The Best Paint Colors For A Ranch House?

The most popular tones for a ranch house are neutral ones such as beige and light grey. These tones do complement the design nature of a ranch house, but if you're looking for a more interesting space, try one of these.

Faded blue

Dark grey

Pale yellow

White with a dark trim

Accent features like stone or wooden facade walls also work beautifully with the structure of a ranch home.

Consider decorative stone veneers on a house wall for a more textured look and pair it with similar stone low planters for maximum visual charm.

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