Great Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas

Published: 25/04/2023 | Updated: 09/09/2023

Great Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas - Shrubhub

Deciding on a kitchen garden is great, if not easy, choice more and more homeowners are leaning towards with time now. It's great for the environment and very useful on a personal level to get your food.

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It's an all-around great decision but it would be a mistake to approach a veggie garden with the same mindset as a general or flower garden.

In this article, we have for you specific vegetable garden layout ideas that are sure to inspire you!

Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas and Designs

Those vegetable garden layout ideas, depending on your preferences and personal style, will help you get the most out of your veggie garden.

Traditional Row Gardening Backyard Layout

This is one of the most traditional ways vegetable garden layouts.

And it's traditional for a reason! Planting vegetables in rows with even and sufficient plant spacing can be considered the best vegetable garden layout in terms of efficiency.

Plant your vegetables in the north-south direction for sunlight starting with the tall crops on the north side up to the short crops on the south side.

Build Raised Beds

Building raised beds for your edible garden layout is also a perfect vegetable garden layout idea.

The raised beds give you better control of the weeds, soil conditions, and space. Design your layout with 2-3 feet wide space between the boxes so that you can move and harvest with easy access.

Great Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas - Shrubhub

Square Foot Garden Layout

Square foot garden layout is becoming very popular and is considered one of the best vegetable garden layout ideas.

Square-foot gardening means dividing your edible garden into wide rows and then dividing them into square feet.

You can do square-foot gardening with raised beds or in-ground. In both layout options, you are supposed to space your vegetable crops closely together without compacting to keep your soil from drying and to control weeds.

Close Row Planting

Close-row planting is also known as wide-row planting and is also getting favored with vegetable gardens.

It's very similar to the square root layout plan with similar goals like yielding more and suppressing weed. You could also do it with garden beds or directly in your garden.

The only difference is the blocks can be in whatever measurements, depending on what meets your own needs.

Companion Planting Vegetable Garden Layout

Companion planting isn't a stand-alone layout on its own, rather, it's combined with any of the previous vegetable garden layouts.

The point of companion planting is to maximize the efficiency of different plants by combining them with other crops which makes them both stronger against pests and increases soil nutrients. Most vegetables have a preferred companion.

You should go for companion planting, but make sure you don't plant vegetables that don't go along together.

Some popular companion plants are:

Great Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas - Shrubhub

Consider Hanging Vegetable Pots

If you only have a small space in your kitchen garden, there are still ways to maximize the efficiency of your space.

Container vegetable planting is a good idea! Of course, certain vegetables wouldn't do so well in pots, but others can thrive.

Potatoes and cabbage are good examples of vegetables you don't need a garden bed to plant in your garden.

Vertical Garden on Trellis

Growing vegetables vertically has a lot of benefits, of course for certain plant families more than others, which makes it even preferable to garden beds for some people.

It's a great way to cleverly use up the space in your garden area if you don't have much to afford, and also protects plants from pests.

Tomatoes, millions, and cucumbers are plants that thrive climbing!

Interplant With Perennial Plants

Companion planting doesn't just mean growing different types of vegetables together. It's also for flowers and vegetables!

It has the same benefits as gardening different vegetables in the same growing area, with even more potential benefits because flowers attract pollinators.

Flowering herbs like thyme and traditional flowers like Marigolds and petunias are all great additions to your different beds to increase the beauty of your garden while also helping your vegetables and soil.

Great Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas - Shrubhub

Mandela or Circular Garden Layout

Circular gardening might take some extra effort at the beginning but is very promising later on.

It's interesting, and beautiful, and leaves you room for more creativity, while also offering its benefits. It can help conserve organic matter and water.

You can go for raised beds or directly in the soil the same way you can with other layouts.

Vegetable Garden Layout Designing Tips

Those layout options are all great and proven to work. It only depends on what you prefer and what fits with the restrictions of your garden.

Otherwise, here are some extra tips before you start your garden plants!

Start With Graph Paper

While this might not seem very fun, it's pretty important to start your garden design on paper to steer clear of any issues that might come up in the growing season.

You should take into consideration, on paper, your house and all the space you have, the sun, and any existing trees or structures that can cast shade and where exactly that shade would be.

Prioritize Sun Exposure and Shade When Designing

Sun exposure and shade are extremely important for vegetable crops.

After choosing your vegetables, herbs, and flowers, do your research on how much direct sun they require and mark their raised bed or otherwise according to the full sun, so that your garden plans come out perfectly.

That should also be in relation to each other. You don't want to plant your beds or garden in a miscalculated arrangement where the leafy greens of some crops shade smaller plants and block their exposure to the sun.

Great Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas - Shrubhub

Design For Air Circulation

Whether in a raised bed or directly in ground soil, design and space for air circulation.

This helps the root crops to grow below ground and also not trap excess moisture which could be a cause for diseases.

Include Your Front Yard and Indoors

You can also plant veggies in your front yard for more space. More and more people are starting to make use of every space on their property, and it's not even considered strange anymore to plant edible leafy greens outside your doorstep.

For smaller plants, you could also use your indoor windowsills!

Having a vegetable garden is a great way to provide food for your kitchen while also enjoying your gardening. Those layout ideas should give you good choices to match your garden, no matter how big or small it is.

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