Grass Alternatives for a No Fuss Low Maintenance Yard

Published: 24/01/2023 | Updated: 12/05/2023

Grass Alternatives for a No Fuss Low Maintenance Yard - Shrubhub

Nothing beats a big, lush grass that has been meticulously maintained. Is there a nicer feeling than sitting out on the lawn with a blanket spread out and enjoying the sun on your face? Spending time walking on the ground, or "grounding," has a profoundly favorable effect on your overall health and well-being.

ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry. ShrubHub: 2022 Gold Award Winner. ShrubHub Revolutionizes the Home Landscape Design Industry.

The advantages of traditional grass lawns, however, come at a high cost, including watering, fertilizers, pesticides, and gasoline for lawnmowers, to mention a few. You pay a higher price than just money, though. Regular grass lawns are not drought tolerant and can be bad for the environment.

They need frequent mowing and maintenance, which results in the production of harmful pollutants (as much as 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled annually while refueling lawnmowers). Aside from that, lawns are extreme water hogs, requiring about 1.5 inches of water weekly just to survive.

Many households have started using low-maintenance lawn alternatives as a result of the growing water shortage situation in the United States. There are a ton of options available, from ornamental grasses and flowerbeds to managed meadows and red clover as an eco-friendly lawn substitute, all of which have sustainability in common.

It might be necessary to replace or drastically reduce the amount of your grass lawn. Even in a small area, removing all the grass and installing new landscaping is a major undertaking. But we believe it will be worthwhile without a doubt. In certain cases, you'll even begin to turn a profit before the growing season is over! No matter the design, size, or increasing area of your lawn, you will also have various lawn options to choose from, each with its own set of advantages. You might even encounter an entirely different landscape with native plants and labor-efficient wildlife attractants.

We've gathered some of our favorite low-maintenance grass alternatives to assist you in designing your landscapes. Make your garden a peaceful retreat rather than a place to toil.

Grass Alternatives for a No Fuss Low Maintenance Yard - Shrubhub

Ornamental Grasses

Making a section of your turf lawn into a gorgeous display of ornamental grass is one of the simplest ways to minimize its size. Ornamental grasses can grow in almost any type of soil and endure drought while needing little to no fertilizer to thrive. Additionally, you can quit using synthetic pesticides because they are naturally resistant to illness and pests.

Creeping Charlie

It may seem strange to recommend what is normally thought of as one of the most annoying weeds accessible. True, Creeping Charlie will spread like wildfire and create a major catastrophe if you don't choose your location carefully. But in partially shaded areas, this member of the mint family is a great choice for dense, low-maintenance ground cover.

Creeping Thyme

Red creeping thyme turns any grassy area into a stunning spectacle, especially in the early summer when its vibrant ruby blossoms appear. The ground cover plants produced by this species of thyme's beautiful bronze winter color give it the appearance of an evergreen. Thyme develops into a dense mat that can withstand moderate foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for practically any lawn project. Thyme is a preferred option for low-maintenance grass substitutes because of its attractive appearance and lack of maintenance needs.

Grass Alternatives for a No Fuss Low Maintenance Yard - Shrubhub


A clover lawn has several benefits. The fact that it is an inexpensive and natural soil fertilizer is most significant. Clover is widely grown by gardeners to enrich the soil. By fixing nitrogen, clover can provide a steady trickle of fertilizer to the grasses around it, enhancing the overall health and appearance of your lawn. The best option for yards with mediocre soil is a clover lawn because it does well in poor soil. With low-maintenance turf grasses, micro-clover, which has tiny leaves, can be utilized to oversee your lawn.


Moss is one of the most straightforward and low-maintenance grass alternatives accessible. Planting a moss bed is straightforward. Additionally, you won't need to mow or water your moss bed if you choose an appropriate, shaded location. Patches of velvety-soft moss will give your landscape rich color, a carpet-like texture, and a peaceful feeling.

Shrubs and Flower Beds

Although flower and shrub beds aren't the ideal replacement for a grassy lawn, they're a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your yard and reduce the size of your typical turf lawn. Use native perennials that require little upkeep and fertilizer to make the most of the low-maintenance element. Additionally, we suggest remaining simple because a few alterations can have a noticeable visual impact. Additionally, you won't feel overburdened trying to recall each plant's particular needs.

Grass Alternatives for a No Fuss Low Maintenance Yard - Shrubhub


Chamomile is not only low-maintenance and healthy for the environment, but it is also gorgeous and delicately perfumed, emitting an apple-like aroma with each step. Because it spreads quickly and can thrive in either full sun or partial shade, chamomile is a fantastic option for practically any size or style of lawn.

Dutch Clover

Dutch clover with its delicate white blooms is a joy to behold and quite common. However, this specific type of clover works well as a replacement for an entire lawn. It is thick, velvety, and quite strong. It also does well against drought. It is consequently perfect for your lawn's more populated areas.

Snow in Summer

The gorgeous array of white blooms that cover the plants in the spring and summer gave them the unique name "Cerastium" (also known as "snow-in-summer"). But apart from the flowers, this plant has a lovely appearance. The leaves and silvery-gray foliage are equally attractive. Due to its size and shape, which resemble ornamental grasses, it is not the ideal option for replacing entire lawns, but using this gorgeous perennial is a terrific way to be more environmentally friendly and add visual flair.

Grass Alternatives for a No Fuss Low Maintenance Yard - Shrubhub

So, Snow in Summer or Creeping Thyme?

How do you decide which grass alternative will suit your yard best?

From creeping Charlies to ornamental grasses, grass alternatives are growing increasingly popular as alternatives to traditional lawns among homeowners around the country since they are easy to maintain and budget friendly, not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

If you’ve set your mind on giving your lawn a grass alternative makeover to give it that little something extra, Shrubhub’s network of top-tier designers can assist you in getting started with a custom design that suits your needs and dramatically raises the value of your home.

The whole design and consultation process happens online so you can begin dreaming up your dream yard from the comfort of your own home. We know landscaping can seem like an intimidating feat, especially if you’re new to it, so we have experts who are ready to help you every step of the way!



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