Everything You Need to Know About Stock Tank Pools

Published: 11/01/2023 | Updated: 29/03/2023

Everything You Need to Know About Stock Tank Pools - Shrubhub

Stock tank pools are the perfect example of an internet trend that blew up and is making a comeback! In 2013 "Hillbilly Pools" or "Cowboy Pools", which is what they called these pools back then, started popping up all over the internet, and now they have become even more popular.

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But what exactly is a stock tank and how can it be turned into a pool?

Stock tanks are used by farmers to provide drinking water to cattle and livestock and can carry anywhere from 30 gallons of water to 1500 gallons depending on their size. Because of their size and ability to store water well people decided to repurpose them as functional above-ground swimming pools.

Not everyone has the space or the funds to install an in-ground pool and look to more sophisticated above-ground pool types than just kiddie pools as alternatives. Whilst a hot tub would seem like the obvious choice for smaller yard spaces, their installation can be quite costly and they require regular maintenance.

A stock tank pool is a more hipster take on an above-ground pool and can be just as useful and can even be more aesthetically pleasing depending on how creative you are willing to get!

If you have been looking for a low-cost and low-maintenance pool to fill your outdoor space a stock tank pool is the perfect solution for you. Our ShrubHub experts will provide you with everything you need to know about stock tanks to help you decide if this is the best type of pool for your backyard.

Everything You Need to Know About Stock Tank Pools - Shrubhub

What Are The Benefits of Stock Tank Pools?

Stock tank pools, also known as cowboy pools, are becoming an increasingly popular option for swimming pools in yards. This trend began a few years ago when people started using large stock tanks, usually made of metal, to serve as an affordable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to an in-ground pool.

A stock tank pool can be a great choice for those looking to save money while still enjoying the benefits of having a pool in their yard. They are much cheaper to purchase and install than an in-ground pool and require very little maintenance.

The fact that they don’t contain standing water makes them less likely to attract insects, making them even more attractive than a traditional pool.

In addition, a stock tank pool offers some unique design options that can be used to create a one-of-a-kind backyard oasis. With a wide range of sizes and shapes available, these pools can be used to create stunning visual effects.

Whether you opt for a classic round shape or something more creative, you’ll be sure to have an eye-catching pool in your yard.

Everything You Need to Know About Stock Tank Pools - Shrubhub

How To Build A Stock Tank Pool

Building a stock tank pool can be a great way to add a unique, durable, and cost-effective swimming pool to your backyard. Stock tanks are large galvanized metal tanks that can come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them ideal for customizing and personalizing to fit your specific needs.

The first step in building a stock tank pool is to purchase the appropriate size tank for your area. Depending on where you live, the availability of tank sizes can vary. Most stores that sell stock tanks also offer delivery services so that you can transport the tank to your home.

When selecting the size of your tank, consider how much space you have available and how many people will be using the pool at one time.

After selecting your tank, the next step is to galvanize it. Galvanizing is the process of coating the steel with zinc to prevent rusting. This process is necessary to ensure that the tank lasts longer, looks better, is safe to use, and is rust-free.

It is important to note that stock tanks are not made of regular metal which is susceptible to rust, so make sure that you purchase a galvanized metal stock tanks or a galvanized stock tank pool.

Once your stock tank is galvanized, you can move on to filling it with water. This is an important step because you want to ensure that the standing water in the tank is clean and safe to swim in.

Everything You Need to Know About Stock Tank Pools - Shrubhub

To do this, you should use filtered water and check the pH levels in the pool often. You may also need to add chlorine tablets or other sanitizing chemicals to keep bacteria and algae levels low. Checking chlorine levels regularly is crucial to keep the water clean.

Finally, if you are installing a stock tank pool for swimming purposes, you will need to make sure that it is safe for swimming laps. This means checking for signs of structural damage, such as cracks or weak spots on the sides of the tank to prevent leaks and installing a secure ladder or steps for easy entry into the pool.

By following these steps, you can easily create a stock tank pool that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With a little bit of maintenance, these types of pools can provide you with years of swimming pleasure.

You can even elevate the aesthetic appeal of your stock tank pool by building wooden decks surrounding it to give it a rustic look and feel. For a more tropical getaway aesthetic, you can add sand to the sides of your tank. This works best when you use a combination of sand, succulents, and rockscaping elements surrounding round tanks.

How Can You Maintain Your Stock Tank Pools

Owning a stock tank pool can be a great way to cool off on a hot day. While there are many advantages to owning a stock tank pool, they also require a little more maintenance than traditional above-ground pools.

Knowing how to properly maintain your stock tank pool or is key to keeping it in good condition and making sure you can enjoy it for years to come.

The most important part of maintaining your stock tank pool is making sure it doesn’t rust. Many stock tanks are made of galvanized steel, which is prone to rusting over time. Regularly checking your stock tank for signs of rust and taking steps to prevent it from forming is essential.

Additionally, preventing leaks in your stock tank is crucial for avoiding structural damage and maintaining the cleanliness of your pool water. To do this, make sure your stock tank is level and ensure all seams and joints are sealed securely.

Once your stock tank is properly sealed, the next step is maintaining the cleanliness of your pool water. Installing a pool pump into your stock tank can help keep your water clean by circulating it through a filter and removing any dirt or debris. Water circulating is crucial for the cleanliness of your pool as it prevents algae build-up and can prevent mosquitoes that are attracted to warm standing water.

Everything You Need to Know About Stock Tank Pools - Shrubhub

If you do not want to invest in a filter pump, you may use a garden hose to fill up your pool instead, however, it will not be as effective in the maintenance of clean water.

Make sure to use a special sponge to soak up body oils that may be found in the water due to the use of sunscreen during the summer, watch video tutorials to guide you on how to use the sponge to soak them up carefully.

During the winter it may be a good idea to drain your stock tank pool and cover it to prevent freeze-thaw damage that may lead to cracks in the foundation of your stock tank. Make sure during the installation process to add a drain plug that can be removed easily to drain water.

By following these tips, you can keep your stock tank pool in top shape and enjoy it for many summers to come. With a little bit of effort, you can ensure that your pool remains rust-free, leak-proof, and filled with clean water.

Remember to add plenty of pool accessories to your stock tank for some added fun for all, the kids will love these extra details!

Where Else Can I Learn More About Stock Tanks and How to build a DIY pool?

Cowboy pools may be the coolest summer trend for 2023, especially nowadays as summers are longer and hotter than ever. This is why at ShrubHub we are always one step ahead of every trend and will help guide you every step of your stock tank journey!

Whether you are looking to install a new stock tank pool or want to give your yard a complete makeover, all you need to do is sign up to ShrubHub and for just under $300 you can give your yard a much-needed transformation!


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