Everything You Need To Know About Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Published: 27/03/2023 | Updated: 10/09/2023

Everything You Need To Know About Planning an Outdoor Wedding - Shrubhub

There is something completely irresistible about outdoor weddings that allure more of us to the idea more and more.

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And all for good reasons. There are tons of good arguments for outdoor weddings, that we will lay out for you! But there are also different sets of logistics that you should think about when considering an outdoor wedding.

Nothing too impossible, however. And with our guide breaking down all you need to know and how to approach the unique task of preparing an outdoor wedding, you'll be more excited and more ready for it!

Why Should You Have Your Wedding Outdoors?

Extra Space for a Large Guest List

Even in a small backyard, an outdoor wedding venue allows more space for guests to be comfortable and wander around in breathy air than a chapel or indoor venue.

The space is good for inviting more guests and not feeling limited, but also for you and your guests not to get a suffocating feeling being in a packed indoor venue for a long period.

Less Decoration

With an outdoor wedding, you don't have to go through as much decoration as you would with an indoor wedding venue.

You can better rely on the natural elements and scenery with minimalistic decorations like string lights, paper lanterns, and/or citronella candles. The outdoor area is in of itself the decoration!

More Creative Wedding Photos

Wherever you want your outdoor wedding to be, your cozy backyard, by the beach, by the river, or waterfall can be the best location when it comes to your wedding event album.

Even a simple garden can be a charming backdrop to your ceremony and it'll show in you in your wedding album.

Flexibility with Theme

Indoor spaces can often compel you to go with a formal wedding event without much room for play for your big day.

This isn't a problem you'll have with outdoor wedding venues. The reception site is free of most restrictions and you can do what your heart desires with your outdoor ceremony without feeling like it's not working.

Whether that's a Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Disney Princess-themed wedding, you will have more room to play around with décor and atmosphere.

Everything You Need To Know About Planning an Outdoor Wedding - Shrubhub

Your Pets Can Be Included

If you have a beloved furry companion, the last thing you'll want is to be unable to share with them the joy of your big day. And more often than not, it's just not possible to have them, especially a dog, in an indoor wedding ceremony.

It's not allowed and wouldn't be comfortable for your guests or the pet itself. But with an outdoor ceremony, there is much more room for your pet to be a part of your wedding day.

More Space for Kids

If you don't want to exclude your best friend's kids or your partner's children, an outdoor wedding is also a better option than an indoor one.

Children naturally get fussy and could be annoyed and annoying to the other guests, which is a tension you don't want during your wedding ceremony.

In an outdoor wedding, the children can have their own space where they play, eat, and enjoy themselves without bothering anyone and also being a part of the reception.

More Entertainment Options

There's a lot more room for entertainment options with an outdoor wedding than otherwise.

Games, fireworks, and creativity on the dance floor, among any other ways you want to keep your guests entertained and enjoying their time are much easier with outdoor venues.

Why Should You Choose Your Backyard For Your Outdoor Wedding?

When it comes to an outdoor wedding, your backyard could be one of the best choices for you. Even if it's small, it still might be a great course of action.

The biggest benefit, of course, is saving on the site fee. That would leave much room on your budget for other things.

You'll also be less stressed about time and reservation as it would be in your backyard.

There would also be way more creative freedom for you and your partner!

And one of the best aspects of a backyard wedding is that there would be less of a hassle going back and forth between different places. And at the end of the eventual night, you can just retreat into the comfort of your own home with your partner as a married couple and relax.

Everything You Need To Know About Planning an Outdoor Wedding - Shrubhub

How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding?

Now that we've covered the reasons you should opt for an outdoor wedding, it's time we get into the particular challenges of planning an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Your Outdoor Wedding Checklist:

Know your Wedding Venue Like the Back of Your Hand

If it's your backyard, then that's already done. If it's another wedding venue, then it would benefit you well to get very familiar with it.

Even if it's just a park or a simple garden, you should know all nooks and corners to avoid any pitfalls or potential problems and also to get the best advantage of the venue. The better you know it, the better your instincts would be with where to place the lighting, flowers, and candles, and how to handle the décor, the tents, etc.

Explore the venue and the gardens well, especially if you plan to create a fully outdoor wedding and not just have the outdoors be for the cocktail hour or so.

Pay Attention to the Weather Forecast

When it comes to an outdoor wedding, nothing could be more important than the weather. It determines everything!

You should pay close attention to the forecast and also prepare for any unpredictable elements. However, that doesn't say that an outdoor wedding on a super hot day or with inclement weather is impossible or would be very unpleasant.

You just need to prepare the venue correctly for it.


For cold and inclement weather, heating can be installed around the venue. Cozy blankets can also be distributed alongside the chairs, in the tents, so that you can keep guests warm and comfortable.

Warm drinks could also be part of the catering and cocktail hour.


Hot weather could be super uncomfortable, but with outside air conditioning, and some iced tea, the sun would be less annoying and your guests will enjoy themselves.

Everything You Need To Know About Planning an Outdoor Wedding - Shrubhub

Prepare Appropriate Wedding Attire And Remind Your Guests to Do the same

Whether for cold or hot weather, make sure you take the weather into account when dressing up for your wedding ceremony.

But not just the weather. Also, take into account the existing element of the outdoor venue. If it's a beach, get the shoes that will least irritate you with the sand. Don't have long tails that could get muddied in the gardens, as another example,

And remind/encourage your guests to do the same so that everyone is most comfortable no matter which of the wedding venues you choose and you're able to unleash the beast on the dance floor!

Do Pest Control

A prominent problem of outdoor weddings is the creeping in of bugs and other pests. This is something that could be dealt with pre-planning and doing thorough pest control.

Things To Keep in Mind For Decoration

Let's get into some more exciting tips now that you know all the important factors all outdoor real weddings have to deal with!

A good tip for decoration is unless you have a particular theme in mind, you should go minimal with the décor to accentuate and incorporate the natural beauty of whatever the venue is.

The perk of outdoor space is what it naturally brings to you, you don't want to cover that up with excessive decoration. You can still use lighting and flowers to incorporate your style while also getting out the best of what's already there.

Things To Keep In Mind For Food

Like the other aspects, food and catering are parts of the reception that are very affected by the size, location, and weather.

For example, you wouldn't want to get dairy-heavy food in the middle of summer, which would get smelly and uncomfortable under the intense sun.

With your planner, take all possible weather indications like hot sun or rain into account, when you decide on the food and drinks.

Everything You Need To Know About Planning an Outdoor Wedding - Shrubhub

Extra Tips

Here are some extra general tips to consider when you create your perfect wedding outdoors.

Get Rental Restrooms

Rental restrooms are very useful even if there are other options. You don't want your guests to get annoyed walking miles back and forth every time they want to use the restroom.

Also, if the wedding is on your lawn, you wouldn't want to create chaos inside your house and dirty up the bathroom for you later.

Consider Tents

Tents are very useful as protection for food, or guests against the sun, strong morning light, and/or rain. They also create a cozy effect that makes your wedding the best of both indoors and outdoors.

Provide Guests With Umbrellas

Have extra umbrellas around for any weather surprises like unpredictable rain or unassumed annoying natural light. Your guests would love it and it would show how well you planned your wedding!

Go Chic Cozy With Lounge Furniture

Any ceremony is better with comfortable furniture. Cozy lounge furniture would add a layer of comfort and coziness which will make your guests relax and enjoy themselves more.

Weddings are hard work but can be incredibly worth it as the first night of the married couple enjoying tying the knot among their family, friends, and appreciated guests. The space and venues the reception take place in are as important a part of the wedding as anything else.

An outdoor wedding is one of your many options. We also explored why throwing your wedding in your yard can be an amazing choice to decide on. However, if you don't feel like your yard is ready for such a thing. Have no worries! Renovating your outdoor landscape can be a part of your wedding planning, with the one difference being that the renovations can last a lifetime!

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