DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Published: 20/10/2022 | Updated: 29/03/2023

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas - Shrubhub

Most of our beloved memories when it comes to the winter or fall is when you grab your family and friends and gather around that warm fire pit as you watch the moon glisten over you. Roasting marshmallows in your backyard or patio. Enjoying the time with your family and just watching your house from afar always warms you up inside and out.

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Fire pits are often the centerpiece of all of our winter memories and making them isn't as hard as you think whether you decide to buy one or create one yourself DIY in your own outdoor fire pit can be one of the easiest and most rewarding projects of the season.

Whether you're looking for something more modern, something natural, or something simple a homemade fire pit can achieve whatever you're looking for and more. Fire pits help complete any outdoor space and turn it into a true outdoor space. Surround it with large rocks, comfy furniture and string lights and you've got the perfect winter getaway. Right in your backyard. Get ready to enjoy the season with your loved ones and let's get into building your own outdoor fire pit and some outdoor fire pit ideas.

Types of Outdoor Fire Pits

There are so many ways to build and design your own customized fire pit. The best place to start is figure out the aesthetic of the exterior, of your house and the interior, and try to go based off of that. If you have if you have a more traditional set home you might want to opt for a more campfire like feel with bricks and natural wood, if your house is more modern, you're going to want to go for something more concrete and solid with basic colors, and if your house is more rustic, you're going to want to go for a more stones and gravel around your fire pit.

Once you figure out the aesthetic that you want to go for choosing outdoor furniture and any accessories on the side is going to be a piece of cake.

Fire pits can have a base of propane, wood, or natural gas. when it comes to dial in your own outdoor fire pit, you're going to want to opt for a propane fire pit or wood.

Pros to a Backyard Fire Pit

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas - Shrubhub


A fire pit in your backyard will give you a ton of chances to entertain guests, family and friends. It will increase the allure of hosting barbecues for all of your guests and offer the warmth required to continue the celebration after the sun sets. For late-night conversations with friends, quality time with extended family, or any other social event, fire pits are a great option. In conclusion, having a fire pit in your backyard will make every gathering a hit and give your visitors something to talk about.


Temperatures may drop in the summer depending on where you live as the sun sets. A backyard fire pit is a great idea if you want to continue having outdoor fun after dusk. With some pals, pop up a bottle of wine and take pleasure in the warmth of your feet. If you like, toast some marshmallows. If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you may continue to feel like it's summer all year long.

Curb Appeal & Increased Property Value

Backyard fire pits are enduring fixtures. They serve as a focal point for your outdoor space and are also highly elegant and beautiful pieces. It goes without saying that fire pits have the potential to significantly increase a property's value. A backyard fire pit will be a major plus for any potential buyers if you ever decide to put your house up for sale. Better offers will undoubtedly follow, enabling you to sell your property for a higher price.

Cons of Fire Pits

Safety Concerns

An elegant and lovely addition to any backyard is a fire pit. However, it also raises a number of safety issues that you cannot dismiss. Brush, flammable substances like lighter fluid, and other combustible things should never be near a fire pit. This holds true for any flammable food-related items, such as paper plates, napkins, or plates. Fires should also never be left unattended until they are fully out. Before retiring for the evening, make sure to saturate your fire pit with water. Additionally, make sure you have a fire extinguisher available in case the fire starts in the pit and spreads. Last but not least, remember to keep kids and pets away from the fire pit.


Like any other kind of outdoor permanent fixture, fire pits need routine upkeep to remain completely functional and visually pleasing. For fire pits, this entails protecting them from the rain, routinely brushing up dust and charcoal, power washing them, and applying a rust-prevention treatment to the metal parts.

The Cost of Building an Outdoor Fire Pit

building your own outdoor fire pit is a lot more cost effective than you might think. Most outdoor fire pit products can cost less than $100 and go up to a maximum of $500. Depending on the materials that you choose and the size/shape that you choose.

How to Build a Fire Pit

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas - Shrubhub

These days, outdoor fire pits are very popular. Seriously. People are going quite retro these days and heating their homes with stone-walled pits dug into the ground. Why not, then? On chilly summer evenings, you can relax in an Adirondack chair with your feet up on the granite ledge and munch on s'mores while melting marshmallows. So, if you really want to party well, dress to impress. A fire pit can be constructed in a few days.

A campfire that has been enhanced with sturdy stone walls to help contain the heat and flames is called a built-in fire pit. In regions of the country where brush fires are a risk, this is essential. So, before installing a fire pit, make sure you are in compliance with any applicable local regulations. The pit must be situated far from the house, any other flammable buildings, and any trees that are leaning over it.

To make building stone walls easier, use concrete blocks that have been cast into the shape of stones (available at any home center). Since they are flat on top and bottom, they stack neatly, and some of them interlock to add strength. Apply masonry adhesive to secure them together. A block with angled sides that can be butted together to form curves is the best choice. A fire pit's inside diameter should be between 36 and 44 inches. That will keep the gatherers close enough for conversation while still allowing for a healthy fire.

As an extra precaution, a strong steel ring similar to those used for park campfires should be placed inside the fire pit. The concrete in the blocks is protected from the heat by these, preventing it from drying out and deteriorating too quickly.

A fire pit should be placed near to the ground and its walls shouldn't rise more than a foot above it. The base of the wall, however, must be sunk beneath in a gravel-lined trench that offers drainage and protects against frost heaves in the winter in order for the structure to be stable. Additionally, the gravel gives the stones a flat surface to rest on. The typical concrete block is 4 inches high, so if the first and half courses are buried and there are two and a half courses above ground with a cap on top, you'll have a wall that is about a foot tall—ideal for propping your feet up while lounging in an outdoor chair.

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Your backyard will surely host a number of unforgettable occasions, including barbecues, bonfires, and outdoor movie nights. By including a built-in campfire to your yard, you can create an outdoor area that is suitable for both relaxing and hosting social events. You may create the ideal backyard hangout for you and your loved ones using these campfire ideas. Here are some of our favorite things you can add or do with your brand-new fire pit!

Welcoming Stone Fire Pit

A simple method to give your outdoor room a more upscale appearance is to add a stone firepit. The tough wood is perfect for building a beautiful, long-lasting firepit for your garden. Include the same material in your firepit design if a specific type of stone is already present in other outdoor spaces, such as on your home's façade or a patio, to help tie the many components of your yard together. Stone fire pits also look great if you have a stacked stone wall.

Modern Fire Pit

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas - Shrubhub

Establish a contemporary look with a firepit design that uses precise angles and clean lines. A rectangular firepit gives a simple, contemporary appearance thanks to its construction of cement capstones and white-painted masonry. Add some modernized furniture and a hot tub and you've got the perfect winter getaway! This type of design remains straightforward and tidy thanks to neutral patio furniture and minimal vegetation.

Family Fire Pit

Consider who will use the area the most when creating a firepit and put their requirements first. If you have kids, for instance, a firepit with a wide ledge can act as a natural barrier to help avoid burned fingers or, for older kids, can serve as seats for roasting marshmallows. In order to prevent tripping between chairs, make sure to provide plenty of room around the firepit. Create a fun space with a smores minibar you can bring outside on a chilly night and hang up some string lights for ambiance!

Landscaping Fire Pit Ideas

Utilize hardscaping and landscaping to turn a campfire area into an outdoor living space. A fire feature serves as the focal point of a laid-back patio made of pavers and gravel. A piled stone wall that separates the rest of the yard in a more formal manner also serves as extra seating for visitors. Plant-filled beds and sizable container gardens help to further define the region. Add some grass in the surrounding areas to define the space and spruce up your garden for a greener feel.

Concrete Fire Pit Ideas

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas - Shrubhub

Create a trail around your firepit to give the impression that it is a destination. Consider adding a steppingstone path or illuminating the walk with landscaping lights for a quick makeover. This backyard employs a more ornate design, with a network of arbors guiding visitors to the firepit area. Make the furniture cozy and welcoming, add some Adirondack chairs and make it the focal point!

Small Patio Fire Pit

Utilize the space you have available by creating a cozy entertaining area centered around a firepit. Using a rectangular firepit on yourpatio surrounded by an L-shaped bench made of strong masonry and padded with luxurious outdoor pillows. The patio is made to feel like an extension of the house thanks to the built-in seating and the use of recurring colors and materials.

Private Fire Pit Area

Easy access and a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces are provided by having a campfire just outside your back door. But if your yard is large enough, think about constructing a firepit a little further away from your house. This backyard campfire design may transform your outdoor entertaining space into a private retreat, especially when combined with planting that increases privacy.

Rustic Fire Pit

With a firepit tucked among the trees, recreate the relaxed atmosphere of camping. Here, a basic rustic firepit that doesn't skimp on quality or safety is created by a circle of stones set on top of a gravel base. Set up a couple Adirondack chairs for comfortable yet stylish seating.

Large Backyard Fireplace

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas - Shrubhub

There is plenty of opportunity for original campfire designs in a large backyard. Consider adding a campfire as a patio extension for a convenient gathering spot. The difference between the more formal outdoor dining room and the informal firepit area can be seen here in the size and style of the patio pavers.

Brick Fire Pit

A brick firepit has a timeless appearance that complements any type of home. For a more natural appearance, leave the bricks unpainted; alternatively, define the firepit with a coat of bright white paint. A classy outdoor entertaining area with enough chairs and a painted brick firepit can be found here.

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

For a fireplace-like effect, incorporate a backyard fireplace right into a wall or ledge. This natural stone firepit idea highlights the beauty of the material while assisting in the creation of a built-in wind barrier. It allows you to design your seating area in a semi-round rather than a full circle, which is great for tiny yards.

Natural Fire Pit Design

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas - Shrubhub

To create your own backyard retreat, surround the firepit area with leafy plants and vibrant blossoms. In addition to promoting calmness and relaxation, lush landscaping may also help your outside space feel more private by adding vegetation. The landscaping surrounding this two-tiered campfire is pleasingly varied with a variety of hues, heights, and textures.

Simple Fire Pit Designs

Even a little firepit may create a nice backyard ambiance. Large firepits can easily make a statement. A straightforward rectangular shape prevents bonfires without taking up more space. Comfortable seating for two can be provided by a pair of wicker chairs, and the outdoor room's vibrant container gardens serve as its dynamic border!

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