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Arborvitae Trees

Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower

Echinacea x ‘Balsomanita’

13 reviews

Arborvitae Trees

Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower

Echinacea x ‘Balsomanita’

13 reviews

  • Bright, vibrant red-orange flowers add a pop of color to any garden
  • Drought-tolerant and low maintenance once established
  • Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds for a lively garden
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Why Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower?

The Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower is a vibrant and eye-catching plant with its red-orange petals and dark cone-shaped center. It is a popular choice for gardens and borders due to its durability and ability to attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. This coneflower is also disease-resistant and can tolerate a range of growing conditions, making it easy to care for.

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The Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower requires full sun exposure to thrive and bloom to its fullest potential.

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The watering requirement for Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower is moderate. It prefers to be watered regularly, keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged. It can tolerate some drought once established but may benefit from occasional deep watering during period

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The fertilizer requirement for Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower is a general-purpose, balanced fertilizer applied once in early spring and again in mid-summer. It is recommended to follow the dosage instructions provided on the fertilizer package.

Introducing the captivating Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower, a botanical firework that sets your garden ablaze with vibrant hues. With its blazing red petals and sturdy stature, this coneflower variety adds a touch of sizzling charm to any outdoor space.


The Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower commands attention with its fiery blooms, each petal a testament to nature's artistic flair. Imagine a garden where these radiant flowers stand tall, resembling sparks of Sangrita, a lively dance of color that draws the eye and steals the spotlight.


But Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower isn't just about its striking appearance – it's also a pollinator magnet, inviting bees and butterflies to join the botanical fiesta. Its blooms become a bustling hub of activity, transforming your garden into a vibrant carnival of life.


Whether featured as a solo sensation or as part of a colorful ensemble, the Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower adapts effortlessly to different settings, infusing your landscape with its undeniable charisma. Its robust nature ensures that it thrives and flourishes, adding a touch of show-stopping elegance to your outdoor sanctuary.


Embrace the allure of the Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower – a botanical firework that promises to be the star of your garden's show. Order now and experience the captivating spectacle this vibrant plant brings to your horticultural haven.


Plant Information:

Botanical Name: Echinacea x ‘Balsomanita’
USDA Zones: 4-9
Water: Low Once Established
Exposure: Full Sun
Soil Needs: Well Drained
Mature Height: 18 - 22 inches
Mature Spread: 22 - 24 inches
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Pollination Info

Pollination Information for Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower (Echinacea x ‘Balsomanita’)

The Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower, also known as Echinacea x ‘Balsomanita’, belongs to the Asteraceae family and is native to North America. This perennial plant is a popular garden flower due to its striking red-orange petals and its ability to attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.

Pollination Mechanism

Like other members of the Asteraceae family, the Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower has a composite flowerhead consisting of many small flowers or florets. Each floret has both male and female reproductive structures, making it a hermaphrodite flower. The flowerhead is surrounded by a ring of bracts that are brightly colored and attract pollinators.

The main pollinators of the Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower are bees and butterflies. Bees are attracted to the flower by its bright color and sweet nectar. Butterflies are also attracted to the flowerhead but are more interested in the nectar of individual florets. When bees or butterflies land on a floret to collect nectar, they come in contact with the male reproductive structures or anthers, which are covered in pollen grains.

Pollination Process

When a pollinator visits a floret, some of the pollen grains stick to its body. As the pollinator moves from flower to flower, it inadvertently transfers the pollen to the female reproductive structure or stigma of another floret. If the pollen is compatible and the conditions are right, the pollen grains will germinate and grow down the style to reach the ovary where fertilization occurs, resulting in seed production.

Importance of Pollination for the Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower

Pollination is essential for the survival and reproduction of the Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower. Without pollination, the flower would not be able to produce fertile seeds for propagation. Additionally, pollination contributes to the genetic diversity of the plant population, allowing for adaptation to changing environmental conditions.

The Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower is also an important resource for pollinators. By providing nectar and pollen to these insects, the flower is helping to maintain the health and diversity of the ecosystem.


Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower (Echinacea x‘Balsomanita’)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower?

    Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower, also known as Echinacea x‘Balsomanita’, is a perennial flowering plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is a cultivar of the Echinacea genus and is a hybrid between Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea tennesseensis. It is characterized by its large, bright red daisy-like flowers and its cone-shaped center.

  • What are the growing requirements for Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower?

    Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower grows best in full sun to partial shade and in soil that is well-draining and has good fertility. It is tolerant of drought and heat, but it also thrives in consistently moist soil. It is hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 9 and grows up to 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

  • When does Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower bloom?

    Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower blooms in mid-summer to early fall, from June to October. Its bright red flowers with richly colored cones are attractive to pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

  • How do I care for Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower?

    Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower is a low-maintenance plant and requires minimal care. It needs regular watering during its first growing season to establish root systems, but after that, it only needs occasional watering when the soil becomes dry. Deadheading spent blooms is a good practice to promote new growth and reblooming. Mulching around the base of the plant can help retain soil moisture and prevent weed growth.

  • Can Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower be propagated?

    Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower can be propagated through division. It is best done in spring or fall when the plant is dormant. It can also be propagated through seeds, which can be collected from spent blooms in fall and planted in the spring.

Planting & Care

Planting & Care for Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower (Echinacea x ‘Balsomanita’)


  • Choose a planting location with well-draining soil and full sun exposure.
  • Plant in the spring or fall, spacing each plant 18-24 inches apart.
  • Make a hole slightly larger than the root ball and backfill with soil, pressing down firmly.
  • Water thoroughly after planting.


  • Water regularly, keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged.
  • Apply a slow-release fertilizer in the early spring, and again in mid-summer.
  • Deadhead spent blossoms to encourage new growth and prolong blooming.
  • Divide every 3-4 years to prevent overcrowding.
  • Cut the plant back to the ground in the fall after the first hard freeze.

Pests and Diseases

Sombrero Sangrita Coneflower is relatively pest and disease-resistant, but it can be susceptible to leaf spot, powdery mildew, and aphids. To prevent these issues, make sure to plant in a location with good air circulation, avoid overhead watering, and remove any diseased or infected foliage immediately.

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Beautiful and healthy plant. Looks great in my garden.

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Top-notch customer service. Resolved my query quickly and efficiently.

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Great quality plant that adds beauty to my yard.

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