Top Outdoor Heating Options For Your Yard

Top Outdoor Heating Options For Your Yard

One of the things people can forget about when it comes to a new yard renovation is installing a good outdoor heater or heating system. This is especially true when living in a climate where temperatures tend to dramatically plummet during the fall and winter.

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Extending your home’s comfort to your yard is a challenge many face when it comes to yard renovation. Something to keep in mind is many of the main points of your house are often replicated outside, like an outdoor kitchen or a lounge area. The main difference between your home and outdoor living space is that your outdoor living space does not have any insulation so having outdoor heating options and awnings or coverings is important.

Today we’re going to discuss some of the main types of heating options for your yard and the benefits of each one. And if you’d like more help with your yard design, at the end we will discuss a 3D yard design service that’s offering front & back yard designs for under $300.

The Three Types Of Fuel Used:

Let’s get started by looking at the different types of fuel used for heating outdoor areas.

Natural Gas

There are several different types of natural gas patio heaters. They can be free-standing like propane heaters, although wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted installations are more common. They are all set in place since they are connected to a natural gas line, which is the one thing in common with them all.

This has both good and bad aspects. On the one hand, it is less expensive over time than a heater powered by propane, and you don't need to continuously remember to restock on fuel. On the other hand, it requires professional installation and isn't extremely portable.


Similar to a propane grill, propane patio heaters predictably include a liquid propane tank. As a result, however, they’re very easy to set up. All you need to get started is a propane tank and a regulator. The main drawback is that propane tanks do eventually run out of gas. So making sure you have a second full tank is always recommended to avoid ending the night on a chilly frozen note.


It is possible to hardwire electric patio heaters or simply plug them into a regular socket. This means that they can be fixed in a certain place, like natural gas heaters, or movable, like propane heaters, depending on the application.

Types Of Outdoor Heaters:

Fire Pits

We’re getting started with a classic option, the fire pit. Fire pits are a great option. Their appearance can be modified to work in most styles of homes and often look very appealing.

Their ambience is very warm and welcoming and they can also be used to add a rustic appeal if needed. However the downside is that they usually only provide warmth to a very limited area so this type of heater works best accompanied with a circular seating surrounding the fire pit.

Mushroom Styled Heaters:

Mushroom styled heaters usually look best in homes with a more tropical look since they often relate to the look of tall totems or podiums. There are different sizing options when it comes to this style which is great because they can be placed in multiple areas around your yard in different sizes depending on the area.

Since they stand pretty tall and slim they work fantastically for smaller spaces or spaces where people tend to walk more. Budget wise they are pretty easy on your bank account being one of the least expensive options.

Glass Tubes or Quartz:

Glass tubes or quartz heaters are a more modern looking outdoor heater. They work great for small spaces while still maintaining a luxurious look. Budget wise they’re more mid range but can go up depending on the brand and size.

They heat less space than a fire pit would so we wouldn't recommend putting them in a large area as they have little wind resistance as well. Glass tubes are great on a patio near a lounge area.

Wall or Ceiling Mounted Heaters:

If your yard is pretty full already or maybe you prefer no freestanding elements, using a mounted heater is a great option. They work great especially if most of your heating will be done on patio space.

They take up little to no space, work more efficiently than freestanding units and give you more control options. The downsides are that they do tend to be more expensive than the options mentioned above, their installation is more intensive and requires a professional, and they are obviously not portable.

When it comes to outdoor heating, trial and error via design is a great way to make a decision. Using design platforms like Shrubhub help you determine what would work best for your space while keeping budget and aesthetic in mind.

Even though some design programs can go for well over $1000, ShrubHub offers a full extensive 3D plan for less than $300! They can help you design your entire yard renovation in less than 30 days. Shrubhub offers free phone consultations so check them out now!


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